Giraffe picks up 2-year-old baby at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center: video

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A dramatic video showed a giraffe snatching a two-year-old girl from a car while she was trying to feed her on a safari in Texas.

Paisley Totten, 2, was in the back of her family’s pickup truck feeding animals at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose on Saturday when a giraffe grabbed a bag of food — and the baby’s shirt — and lifted it into the air. KWTX reported.

“We stopped to feed the giraffes, and I turned to look out the back window, and I saw the giraffe digging there, and then I grabbed it, and I didn’t see it again,” Beasley said. Father Jason Totten told the outlet.

Two-year-old giraffe Paisley Totten was snatched from the back of a truck while trying to feed her. story

Lindsay Merriman was in a car with her family a few cars behind the Tottens when she captured the terrifying moment as the massive giraffe bent her neck down and grabbed the girl’s shirt between her teeth as her mother screamed.

“My daughter was recording a giraffe eating out of people’s hands and dipping its head into the sunroof,” Merriman told Storyful.

“We were three cars behind a red truck and we saw the giraffe accidentally grab a little girl’s shirt with food and lift her out of the bed of the truck.”

The video then shows the giraffe dropping Paisley directly into her mother’s arms.

Paisley Totten
Paisley was not injured when the giraffe dropped her calf into its mother’s arms. Facebook/Sierra Robert

Totten said it was an honest mistake on the part of the giraffe, who immediately let go of Paisley when her mother shouted, “Hey!”

Fortunately, Paisley and everyone else were unharmed.

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The Post has reached out to Fossil Rim for comment on the incident.

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