Gigi Hadid says Kanye West is a bully and a joke

In case you miss it yourself, Kanye West He wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at Paris Fashion Week while unveiling his latest fashion lines.

It is clear that Didn’t go well With just about anyone — including Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who voiced her criticism on Instagram.

Kanye’s response to her criticism was… very bad. took him Instagram She posted photos of Gabriella, criticized her fashion choices, and shared a screenshot of her personal IG page.

In the comments section of one of Kanye’s posts, Gigi Hadid Came to Gabriella’s defense.

Gigi wrote in a comment that has since been deleted (via e! News). “You have no idea haha….”

“If there really was a point for any of the things that bothered you, you might be the only one who could save you. As if the ‘honour’ of inviting you to your show should prevent anyone from giving their opinions…? Lol.”

Gigi concluded her comment by calling Kanye a “bully” and a “joke”. the curse. Can’t argue with that!

We’ll see if Kanye responds – though, let’s just hope he shuts up for a while.

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