Ghost Of Tsushima multiplayer requires logging into PSN on PC

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Sucker Punch’s open-world samurai game Ghost of Tsushima It’s getting a Steam port this month, which will require a PlayStation Network account to access the multiplayer mode. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Sony recently announced a “grace period” for the beloved multiplayer game Divers Version 2 is out, as Steam users will be To log in to PlayStation Network To continue playing the shooter on their PC. after A weekend of backlashSony Policy reversedHell Divers 2 Players may be safe from this, but it looks like this will still be implemented in future games published by Sony on Steam, as evidenced by Ghost of Tsushima.

Action game 2020 is Coming to PC on May 16And after Divers Pandemonium, some people are hesitant to buy Sony games on the Steam storefront. Post a sucker punch Tweet to promote the PC version, one user responded claiming that he canceled his pre-order in the wake of Sony’s policy. Sucker Punch responded by saying that although a PSN account will be required to play the game’s Legends multiplayer mode, Ghost of TsushimaThe campaign will be playable without a separate login.

This exchange happened on Friday, May 3, two days ago Divers Arrow Studios It reversed its policy of requiring PlayStation login on Steam. What is unclear at the moment is whether Ghost of Tsushima Will Sony follow suit or if Sony will make it a requirement from the start instead of adding it months later Hell Divers 2 tried to. The backlash was largely due to this requirement being added after the fact, after players had been flocking to the game for several months. However, the PSN requirements also exclude players in parts of the world who cannot create accounts for PlayStation online services, and Hell Divers 2 It was sold in those areas. So, for some players, it’s more complicated than just linking one account to another.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment on whether Ghost of Tsushima It will still require a PlayStation Network login and we’ll update this story if we hear back.

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