Georgia governor signs bill to fire local prosecutors and DAs from their jobs

(CNN) Republican governor Brian Kemp Georgia signed legislation Friday that would create an oversight commission with the power to remove local prosecutors and district attorneys from their jobs. The The move was heavily criticized By Democrats, including Atlanta-area DA Allegations weighing seriously In relation to the former President Donald TrumpActions in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Before the signing, Kemp’s office, known as the move SB 92Creates an “oversight mechanism for district attorneys and the solicitor general throughout Georgia to ensure accountability in upholding constitutional and statutory obligations.”

“I will not be idle if law enforcement officers who work hard to investigate, confront, and arrest criminal offenders make their living as normal, and face opposition from rogue or incompetent attorneys who refuse to uphold the law.” Kemp said in a press release after signing the bill. He added that the creation of the commission would “hold accountable prosecutors who are driven by out-of-touch politics rather than commitment to their responsibilities and help make our communities safer.”

The GOP-led state legislature passed the bill earlier this year, mainly along party lines.

Democrats have expressed concern that commissioners may abuse their power to unnecessarily punish or fire local prosecutors.

Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis plans to announce this summer whether to file charges against Trump or his associates for their efforts. Georgia’s 2020 presidential election changed the outcomeThere is in the voice opposed the lawIt warns that overturning decisions made by voters is “dangerous”.

Testifying before the Georgia Senate’s Judiciary Committee earlier this year, he also described the bill as racist and vindictive.

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“This bill wasn’t considered necessary until something historic happened in 2020. Let’s talk about it, let’s be honest,” Willis testified, noting that in 2020, Georgia went from five minority district attorneys to 14. Willis’ office did. CNN’s request for comment was not immediately responded to Friday.

Republican lawmakers did not target Willis in the new law.

As per the new law, the commission will have eight members. Five will sit on the inquiry panel, which will inquire into “reasons for disciplining the alleged conduct”, while the other three will be part of the inquiry panel which will adjudicate on “discipline and disability orders”.

The new commission will meet by July 1 and issue rules and regulations by October 1. According to the law, the commission cannot receive complaints before October 1, and cannot receive complaints about irregularities that occurred before then. date unless it relates to a “continuous course of conduct continuing beyond that date”.

CNN’s Shawna Mizell contributed to this report.

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