Genshin Impact Mesmerising Dream At Sea Web Events Answers and Rewards

Help Paimon remember her dream by using inspiration to earn Primogems and Mora in the Mesmerising Dream event at Genshin Impact’s Sea web event.

Updated July 24, 2022

Jinshin effect Developer HoYoverse has a new web event, Mesmerising Dream at Sea, set against the beautiful background of Golden Apple Archipelago. As your adventures on the island come to an end, Paimon and the traveler look back at the wonderful vacation they had with friends.

However, Paimon has recently had a dream but is having trouble remembering what happened and instructs the traveler to help her find her lost memories. This guide will provide travelers details for the new Genshin Impact web event, including start and end dates, how to play, correct daily answers, and rewards.

Genshin Impact’s Mesmerising Dream at Sea web event – Schedule and Eligibility

The newest web event, Mesmerising Dream at Sea, transports travelers to a wonderful dream scene with their companion Paimon. This web event began on July 22, 2022 and will have a limited run of nine days, ending on July 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM server time.

Passengers looking for an opportunity to get additional rewards from Primogems and Mora can participate in this web event as long as they meet specific requirements. They will need to have an adventure rating of 32 or higher to be eligible for this event, which they can then start following web event page.

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Genshin Impact’s Magical Dream at Sea web event – Game details

Before the web event begins, travelers must use their HoYoverse account to log into the event and then choose their preferred server and character. You can also log in with the direct link from in-game mail if you’re playing from a PS4 or PS5 console.

Evidence of genshin effect web enchanting event dreaming on the sea Register in hoyoverse account screen event page
Use your HoYoverse account to log into the web event. A magical dream in the sea, from the event page. (Photo: YouTube / Noxxis Gaming)

After logging in, you will be able to enter the web event, which starts with you and Paimon in the Golden Apple Archipelago, to contemplate adventures. She will tell the traveler that she had a strange dream the night before that she was struggling to remember.

The main objective of the web event is to help Paimon by entering her dream and completing various objectives to gather inspiration. Once you’ve gathered enough inspiration, you can visit each of the five dream levels, each of which unlocks every day, and proceed with the dialogue and select the correct answers.

Jinshin effect web event guide mesmerizing dream when opening sea dream level
A dream-level island will be unlocked daily for travelers to gather inspiration and help Paimon to recover her lost memories. (Photo: YouTube / Noxxis Gaming)

If you select an incorrect answer, you can give Paimon a snack to help her remember, as the wrong answer remains on the screen. After you successfully remember her dream, you can claim your rewards from in-game mail.

The Amazing Dream of Genshin Impact at Marine Web Event – Answers

When visiting each dream level within Paimon’s dream, there will be some dialogue between the traveler and Paimon as she discusses her dream. As she tries to remember, there will be dialogue options that provide clues about what her dream might be about, and choosing the correct answer will help her remember.

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Travelers can also view past conversations with Paimon to help them select the correct answers to choose from. Below we have listed the questions / clues and their correct answers to move forward in the Mesmerising Dream at Sea web event at Genshin Impact:

The clues and answers for the first day:

  • Idea #1: The island was very familiar. This might be the first island we’ve been to, but it seems Paemon can’t put a finger on it…
  • Answer #1: Is it an island with a lot of dodocos?
  • Idea #2: What was the name of the car that took us to the archipelago at that time?
  • Answer #2: Kabumbal Castle
  • Idea #3: When Paimon came out of the castle, Paimon seemed to see something… This is a rough description of what he looked like. Paimon wonders what it really is…
  • Answer #3: Flying treasure chest.

Day 2 clues and answers:

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  • Idea #1: A brilliantly colored forest pig … what could it be?
  • Answer #1: “Dream Model”
  • Idea #2: Every time travelers encounter this evil flying creature, a headache will ensue. but why?
  • Answer #2: ghost
  • Idea #3: This is because, among those Specter, there was a living creature that sought Paimon’s help… Below is a rough description of how the creature would have appeared. Paimon wonders what it really is…
  • Answer #3: A good prank-pulling creature (A bake-danuki).

Day three clues and answers:

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  • Idea #1: It looked like an instrument for shipping goods…Paimon remembers that the traveler had destroyed many of them before… What was…
  • Answer #1: slime balloon
  • Idea #2: When Paimon approached them, a suspicious Paimon heard “Ya!” who is he …
  • Answer #2: Helicurless
  • Idea #3: But Paimon remembers what she looks like! This is what it looked like… what could it be…
  • Answer #3: Some kind of emergency food for the bird (Paimon herself!)
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The glamorous Jinshin Impact Dream at Marine Web Event – Rewards

After the travelers have completed daily quests and other quests to get Paimon’s inspiration, they will be able to help her remember her dream. Before the web event concludes, they will be able to claim various rewards, which will not be available after the event ends.

Evidence of the Jinshin Effect Web Event Magician Web Event Dreaming in the Sea Amnesia Answer Evidence of Dodocus Bird Island Golden Apple Archipelago
Travelers should use inspiration and previous conversations to determine answers to clues. (Photo: YouTube / Noxxis Gaming)

Here are the different prizes that you can claim during the web event, and that must be claimed in time:

  • Primogems × 80
  • Hero IQ x 6
  • Mystic reinforcement ore x 8
  • Sanctifying anointing x 4
  • Mora x 90000
Jinshin effect web event guide mesmerizing dream in the sea in-game mail rewards
After helping Paimon remember her dream, you will complete the dream level and get rewards sent to your in-game mail. (Photo: YouTube / Noxxis Gaming)

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Featured image provided by HoYoverse.

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