Gaza floating dock: The US military begins delivering aid through a temporary dock

Abdel Karim Hanna/AP

A ship off the coast of Gaza near a US-built floating dock that will be used to facilitate aid deliveries on May 16, 2024.


Trucks carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza began moving to the beach after arriving across the border Floating dock Built by the US Army, according to US Central Command (CENTCOM).

A pier was anchored on a beach in Gaza on Thursday and will be used to transport aid from various countries into the blockaded enclave, with all other border crossings closed and a catastrophic humanitarian catastrophe unfolding inside.

United States, which began construction The pier is $320 million In late April, he stressed that it was a temporary measure “wholly humanitarian in nature and will include aid goods donated by a number of countries and humanitarian organisations.”

No US forces reached the beach in Gaza, according to a US Central Command statement.

The aid first arrives from abroad to Cyprus, before being transported by ship to a floating platform near the coast of Gaza, and then finally being transferred to the floating dock and loaded onto trucks for distribution on land.

The goal is to get about 500 tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza through the pier daily, Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of US Naval Forces Central Command, said in a press conference on Thursday. That means about 90 trucks per day, and the goal is to build up to 150 trucks per day.

The new sea corridor comes at a critical moment – with the Rafah crossing with Gaza closed for more than a week, preventing aid from arriving. The Rafah crossing was the only crossing between Gaza and Egypt – with Israel controlling all other border points in the Strip.

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The US State Department warned that only 50 humanitarian aid trucks arrived in Gaza on Sunday, down from hundreds per day in previous weeks, adding that the number was “not nearly enough.”

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