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MIAMI VALLEY – Over the past 24 hours, gas prices in the Dayton area were up 11 cents to an average of $3.59.

NewsCenter 7’s Taylor Robertson spoke with Patrick De Haan com.gasbuddy.comwho said the rise in gas prices was due to one of the largest refineries in the US having to partially shut down after a shortage tank caught fire.

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The fire and partial shutdown of the refinery in Louisiana caused wholesale gas prices to rise by 15 cents per gallon. In addition to gas stations that were cutting prices, the price jump suddenly put them at a point where they were selling at cost, de Haan said, sending prices at the pump.

DeHaan told Robertson that the upcoming Labor Day weekend could actually start lowering prices a few cents a day.

“It’s important to understand how gas prices work in Ohio. They generally follow what we call a “price cycle,” de Haan explained, which is basically a top-down cycle. “The stations discount their prices to the point where they sell at cost. At that moment, prices usually go up again.”

He also told News Center 7 that those looking to get gas should shop around and check apps like Gas Buddy or even just look online for prices before placing an order.

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If you’re racing from light to light while driving, de Haan said you’re essentially lowering your miles per gallon and increasing your drive. He suggested using cruise control, keeping your windows open when you turn on the air, and removing extra weight from your car if you’re hauling things you don’t need.

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“A lot of stations have loyalty programs that offer a discount of five or even ten cents per gallon, so you’ll need to make sure you have a loyalty program,” he said. “Some credit cards offer rebates, and some stations offer different cash discounts as well, so there are a lot of different ways. Shopping is probably one of the best, easiest ways to save money.

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