Galaxy S24 leaked details about the AI ​​photo editing feature

As Samsung's launch event for the Galaxy S24 series approaches, more new details are emerging. In the latest series of leaks, new high-quality images have emerged as well as details about some of the Galaxy S24 series' key AI features, including a clone of Google's Magic Eraser tool from the Pixel 8.

@MysteryLupin on Twitter/X Today it published what appears to be an excerpt of marketing materials showcasing several key features of the Galaxy S24 series. This includes the previously announced live translation feature that uses artificial intelligence to translate a phone call.

Furthermore, there is a “Nightography Zoom” feature, which improves low-light images when zoomed in. While Samsung's camera lineup includes telephoto lenses, they're sometimes not used in low-light conditions, so AI optimization could definitely be used to make improvements there. Not using AI Another point includes “High Resolution”, which only refers to the Galaxy S24 Ultra's 200MP main camera while “Display” – we assume this is incomplete language – describes the “brighter, flatter display” that “gives You have more space to do what you love.”

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information here is the Generative Editing feature. Samsung describes the feature by saying:

Move or remove objects. Fill the empty space with generative editing. Requires Samsung account login and internet connection.

Look familiar? Although there are potential differences, this appears to be essentially identical to Google's Magic Eraser on the Pixel 8 series, which requires a Google Photos backup and an internet connection, which became a point of contention for some after the series' release. Interestingly, despite the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3's better on-device AI capabilities compared to Google's Tensor chips, Samsung still requires an internet connection for this feature. Notably, leaked materials indicate that the feature will be supported across all three Galaxy S24 devices.


The same leaker earlier today also leaked high-quality images of the Galaxy S24 series. The photos were deleted almost immediately, most likely because Samsung did it Strongly Remove social media leaks, however Digital trends I was able to capture copies before the removal.

The Samsung launch event is expected to take place on January 17, according to previous leaks and a recent Samsung website. It was briefly confirmed That date before the company removes the information.

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