Gal Gadot reminds everyone to stretch out in their new Cheeky pics

The actress flaunts a well-toned physique.

Gal Gadot She got cheeky in her latest pic.

the Wonder Woman The star, 37, reminds all her Instagram followers of the importance of stretching.

Gadot shared a set of black and white stills of the photographer Dodi Hassoun which featured the actress wearing nothing but a white bodysuit while lounging in an antique armchair. One photo even showed Gadot propping her legs up against the side of the living room piece.

“Don’t forget to stretch,” Gadot cheekily captioned the post.

Gadot wore her hair in a messy bun for the photo as she extended her hands to touch her toes, giving a simple smile to the camera.

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Gadot is always working on it fitnessEspecially when it comes to preparing for it Wonder Woman Role.

Back in 2020, her personal trainer Magnus Lijdback I opened up Women’s health about the intense workout routine that the actress went through while preparing for her role superhero in Wonder Woman 1984.

The two worked out an hour a day, five days a week. Most of her workouts focused on resistance training, where she would do a different routine that focused on different parts of the body each day, including, one leg workout, one chest and back, one arm and shoulder, and one workout that focused on the lower body. Another upper body exercise.

“I’m a big fan of working out different parts of the body every day so your body can recover and rest in between,” Ligdback said of how he likes to train his clients.

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When Gadot isn’t so focused on getting a workout, she enjoys free time by traveling, like her most recent one Tropical getaway.

actress He took her Instagram A few days before to share a few moments of her vacation with friends, and she couldn’t look any more relaxed!

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