‘Furiosa’: Why did Anya Taylor-Joy feel lonely while making the film?

There’s a lot of epic fanfare, a lot of fantastic chases and a lot of bare-chested men, especially on motorcycles, in George Miller’s introduction. Furiosa: The Mad Max Sagamaking its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday evening.

As such, reading Anya Taylor-Joy’s comments about the photo shoot at… The New York Times The profile will strike any reader like a thunderbolt: “I’ve never been more lonely than making this movie… I don’t want to get too deep into it, but everything I thought would be easy was hard… Talk to Lee in 20 years.”

My God, my God, whatever you mean?

It didn’t take Taylor-Joy 20 years to clarify what she meant by being alone on set Furiosa.

In the South, to win a Golden Globe Award The Queen’s Gambit Actress, it’s all about acting as she explained to Deadline in Cannes.

“By nature, given how demanding the shooting schedule was, I was alone a lot of the time, and she’s a character who’s in her head a lot and she’s very quiet, so I felt like everything around me pushed this feeling of isolation,” Taylor said. – Enjoy the miserable desert wasteland, the one-armed survivor and the renegade.

Furiosa It tells the story of women’s origin Mad Max: Fury Road Which sets out to rescue five women from the evil desert capo Immortal Joe. In the prequel, Furiosa is kidnapped from childhood by another desert leader, Dementus (Chris Hemsworth), but is then passed on to Joe. In the end, her loyalties lie with no one as she forms a bond with a mysterious warrior rogue in the middle of the wasteland where they team up to take a valuable commodity, oil, into their own hands.

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“All the characters come to me in a different way,” the actress tells Deadline.

“Sometimes I feel like, ‘Oh, I just went through something, I can tell the story with a little bit of hindsight. I’ll still feel that way, but I’ll have a little more space between the character’s feelings and my own. “From the moment I read the script, this is going to be in real time, and I’m going to have to experience these emotions and that’s the truth that’s going to come out on the real screen,” Taylor-Joy explained.

The bulk of the months-long production entailed shooting a 197-shot-long chase sequence in which Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa would jump, run and get stuck.

“To be fair, I think it’s true to the character and I went into this experience to be pushed, so I think there was an element that impressed me,” Taylor-Joy says.

“What fascinated me so much about working with George (Miller) is that these units work at the same time, and yet nothing gets approved without George’s full fingerprints on it all,” the actress said.

“I did a lot of work in second unit, on the stowaway, and it’s extraordinary the level of accuracy: you can do 20 takes of something and then George will see it and say: ‘Oh, it’s perfect, but you need your helmet an inch higher than your head!’ It’s that level of detail.”

Furiosa It opens over Memorial Day weekend in the US on May 24 with an expected gross of $50 million over the four-day holiday for the $168 million Warner Bros/Village Roadshow feature.

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