From the red carpet to intensive care

Ty Pennington had to go through some serious internal makeover this week.

The former host of trading spaces And Extreme Makeover Home Edition subscriber on instagram He’s recovering from a throat abscess that blocked his airway and landed him in the intensive care unit just two days after he attended the premiere. Barbie In Los Angeles.

“From the red carpet to the ICU… this past week has been fun! I’m fine now, and still recovering,” he wrote. “To shed some light on why I’m MIA… Sunday I hit the red carpet for barbiethemovie; Monday I flew to Colorado to start filming at Breckinridge and Tuesday morning I woke up at 4am and could barely breathe. It turned out to be the sore throat I’ve had in a month.” The past is actually an abscess that has grown so large that it has blocked the airway.”

He continued, “Next thing I know, I’ve been intubated and taken to the intensive care unit in Denver.” “Wednesday I had surgery and yesterday afternoon I was released from the ICU. Thank you so much to all the amazing staff at St. Anthony in Lakewood, CO & Summit Health in Frisco for taking such great care of me. AWESOME LISTEN REMINDER FOR YOUR BODY WHEN IT’S TELLING YOU SOMETHING #justhappytobehere too , even through the heavy sedatives, it’s good to see that I’m still in the right frame of mind (pic 4)…”

The HGTV host shared photos of him recovering in the intensive care unit, as well as a photo of him walking the red carpet in Barbie the first show.

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Ty Pennington

Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage; Ty Pennington / Instagram Ty Pennington at the Barbie premiere and in the intensive care unit

Bennington attended Barbie Premiering Sunday to promote the four-part HGTV feature barbie dream house challenge, In which he will compete as a member of one of eight teams of HGTV stars to transform a Southern California home into a true-to-life version of Barbie’s famous pink home.

The series premieres July 16th at 8pm and has already been filmed, so it won’t be disrupted by a medical emergency in Bennington.

He is also currently hosting Rock the block And Battle on the beach on HGTV.

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