Forza Motorsport fans are hailing the “phenomenal” multiplayer as the best yet

published: 2023-10-09T11:13:13

Updated: 2023-10-09T11:13:25

Over the course of the first week since its Early Access launch, Forza Motorsport players have immersed themselves in the newly revamped multiplayer and fallen in love with what it has to offer.

When it comes to online racing, the Forza series doesn’t have the best reputation. This isn’t because of lag, bugs, or server issues, but because the race standards were so poor.

However, Forza Motorsport’s revamped multiplayer mode changes up the formula and introduces mechanics like racing on weekends, a penalty system, and even pit strategies. As mentioned in our review, these changes are among the most significant that the new entry offers.

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The addition of these core racing mechanics has been a huge success with fans universally praising the impact it has had.

Forza Motorsport’s revamped multiplayer mode has proven to be a fan favorite

The revamped Forza Motorsport multiplayer has proven popular with many drivers impressed by how much racing standards have improved in online racing this year.

A Reddit post from a competitive racer with experience playing iRacing and Aseto Corsa admitted: “I have to admit, I was skeptical.. It’s not perfect, but the online multiplayer experience so far has been phenomenal!”

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The OP went on to praise Forza Motorsport’s impressive level of driving, respect and clean racing. This is in stark contrast to what they expected which was Forza’s usual spin, pileups and collisions.

“Agreed, the multiplayer is exciting. Every race I’ve played in my 18 hours online so far has been clean and decent. “There were a few accidents here and there, but nothing intentional, just the product of a good hard race,” one player replied, agreeing to the post .

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The praise continued with another fan responding: “I agree, the multiplayer is excellent. It works almost flawlessly for me at least on day one, it’s impressive…”

Although Forza racing is acknowledged to have improved, some are skeptical about its continuity: “Yes, the internet is great. We’ll see if that’s true once the flood gates open on the 10th.

October 10 is the official release date for Forza Motorsport and is the date when regular Xbox Game Pass owners will be able to play. Only time will tell whether or not this fan’s fears are true and the influx of new players will undo the good work Turn 10 has done.

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