Fortnite Twitch streamer shaves head for $2.5K fake donation

a Fortnite Stremmer recently shaved his entire head, including the eyebrows, for a hefty $2,500 donation from a viewer that ended up getting a refund.

Lacy is a 20-year-old content creator on Twitch and YouTube. The upload began in May 2020, and has since amassed 9,000 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 83,000 followers on Twitch, making it one of the fastest growing Fortnite players According to TwitchTracker analytics. Since June 18, Lacy’s has been running an uncapped Sobathon — a marathon livestream that lasts as long as the player receives bits, Twitch’s royalty currency — while playing and watching Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale (among other things like YouTube videos) from for consecutive days. But around the third day, Lacey discovered that one of the major donors to his long live broadcast wasn’t serious about the donation they’d sent. Fortnite player.

Esports journalist and Twitch observer Jake Lucky tweeted on June 26 that a Twitch streamer who gave Lacy 251,092 bits (about $2,510 USD) returned that donation even after Fortnite A player shaved his entire head.

“You made me shave my head bald,” Lacey said. Stream 20 June. “I shaved my damn eyebrows. To recover? I don’t even want to finish the race, bro.”

keeping his promise to his fans

In Twitter DMs with KotakuLacey said he shaved his head on June 21 and has since dyed the growing peach fuzz pink. He wasn’t sure why the donor canceled the money, but explained what happened next.

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“[The donor] Lacey said. They deactivated their Twitch and then blocked me on Twitter and Fortnite. I found this out because a few people in the streaming space emailed me and said the same person donated hundreds of dollars to them and also gave the money back.”

Lacey said that although he loves his hair because it is by far its “best feature”, he promised his viewers during hibernation he would never break his word even if the money never materialized. However, he still isn’t the biggest fan of the new look he’s rocking.

“I didn’t feel bad at first, to be honest,” Lacey said. Nevertheless, I loved my hair. I had long, curly hair and hadn’t shaved or done anything my entire life. But once I dyed it pink (which was another Sabathon goal), it really sucked because I don’t like the look and I don’t even want to go public looking the way I do now.”

It is unclear why the viewer canceled the donation, though he later sent one dollar. Despite his audible and visual disappointment with the situation, Lacey’s chat still greeted him, sending extra pieces to make up for the $2,500 that went missing. And every bit donated has increased the length of Lacy’s streams.As of this writing, the up-and-coming Fortnite player has been running a nine-day marathon and You will live for four moreif you want to check it out.

Update 06/27/2023 6:25 PM ET: Added comment from Lacey.

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