Former Packers, Rams OLB Clay Matthews Declares ‘Gone Days’

William Clay Matthews III, son of the all-time great quarterback Clay Matthews, and nephew of attacking line Bruce Matthews of Hall of Fame, was prominent in USC before the Packers took him 26th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft. From the start, he was a contributor Notable in the Pack, he posted 10 sacks in the Junior Pro Bowl campaign. This was the first of four double-digit seasons for Matthews in his career.

Matthews stands as the official Packers in sack career leader (bags became an official stat in 1982) with a score of 83.5.

There appears to be a chance for Matthews to re-sign with the Packers in 2020 as Joe Barry, who coached Matthews in Los Angeles, has been appointed as Green Bay’s defensive coordinator. However, it did not come to fruition, and Matthews, 36, is satisfied with the way it all went.

“He called me,” Matthews said, via ESPN. “He knew I could still play and I thought he knew that if he had, he could find a way to use me in the scheme. But nothing ever showed up, so I think in the end there might be powers higher than that that don’t want that to happen. But yes, there was a short glimmer of hope to return. It didn’t happen, but all is well. But I am at peace with my career.”

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