Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan – NBC Accused of Fraud in Chicago

Michael Madigan, a former speaker of the Illinois House and one of the nation’s most powerful legislators for decades, was charged Wednesday with embezzlement and bribery of about $ 3 million. Condition.

According to the indictment, the 79-year-old Mathikan has been charged with 22 counts Retrieved by NBC5. “Madigan has been accused of leading a criminal organization for nearly a decade, improving Madigan’s political power and financial well-being, as well as making money for his political associates and associates,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the North said in a statement. Illinois District

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Former NBC 5 political editor Carol Marin called it “the biggest federal investigation we have ever seen coming out of Dirksen.”

“The corruption of the elected official and his allies undermines public confidence in our government,” John Lash, a U.S. attorney for the Illinois North District, said in a statement. “The indictment alleges that it is a long-term, multifaceted scheme to use public office for illegal personal gain. It will always be paramount for this office to differentiate and prosecute the corruption alleged in the indictment.

Following the announcement of the charges on Tuesday evening, Madikan issued the following statement:

I have never been involved in any crime. The government is trying to criminalize a regular block service: job recommendations. This is not illegal, and these other allegations are baseless. As my 50-year-old public servant, I have worked hard to address the needs of my constituents, always with the high standards required and the trust placed in me by the public in mind. I stubbornly deny these allegations and proudly look back on my time as an elected official serving the people of Illinois.

Mathikan was trapped In the bribery scheme in July. ComEd acknowledged that he had found work, often small or no work required, and contracts with his associates from 2011 to 2019 for favorable treatment in terms. ComEd agreed to pay $ 200 million in August.

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Madikan has not been charged before in the trial and described himself as “the target of vicious attacks by individuals who tried to undermine my many achievements”.

Previously, two former ComEd executives and two advisers, one longtime associate and trustee, Madikan has been indicted on a number of federal charges related to the scheme of influence – was only identified as “Public Officer A” at the time – in exchange for legislation favorable to the utility company, prosecutors say.

The allegations against Madikan come almost three decades after he resigned from the state legislature almost a year later.

Madigan has been a statewide speaker for the longest time in modern American history and has been nicknamed the “Velvet Hammer” for emphasizing strict party discipline. A parade of top state politicians, including three governors, was blamed during his tenure, but politicians have long believed the aristocracy would not be among them.

As a speaker, Madikan, who was always optimistic, sought to avoid the political scandals of the day. Spokesperson for Madikan last year Denied allegations related to ComEd Madigan further stated that he was cooperating with the investigation and hoped that “he would clearly prove that he did not commit anything criminal or improper.”

When Madikan first took office in 1971, it was not enough for many of his unborn members of the House Democratic Caucus. Despite his determination to win the 19th term as Speaker in January, support waned and he was unable to. Must get 60 votes and retain victory. He was pushed to the rank and file of the 118-member council, Feb. 28, resigned his post from 2021. Illinois Democrat leader resigns Feb. 22

Timothy Maps, the former chief executive of the Madigan, was indicted in May for swearing in a federal grand jury investigating ComEd. The indictment stated that Maps was exempted from testifying and that his words or evidence could not be used against him in a criminal case unless he testified falsely.

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In November, four people, including Madikan’s accomplice, were charged with plotting a bribe with ComEd.

Among them was Michael McLean, who worked at the House before becoming a campaigner with Madikan in the 1970s and early 1980s. One of his clients is ComEd.

The accused include former ComEd CEO Anne Pramagir; John Hooker, campaigner and former ComEd executive; And Jay Doherty, a consultant and former president of the Chicago Nonprofit City Club.

Everyone agreed that they were innocent.

In addition to the jobs and contracts, the defendants were accused of plotting to hire a law firm of their choice and to admit students to ComEd’s internship program in the 13th Ward. Indictment.

Former ComEd executive Fidel Marquez pleaded guilty in September to bribery and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors.

Madikan ran the political agenda for all but two years from 1983 to 2021, with the governor’s office or other legislative body controlled by either party. He served during the tenure of seven governors. One, Republican Gov. Bruce Rouner, complained that Madigan was in charge of the state.

His base of power was a middle-class district near Midway International Airport in southwest Chicago, where his loyalists, many on government pay, reliably campaigned in the neighborhood and registered voters. With eight-digit campaign funds, he will be able to select Democratic candidates across Illinois to run for office and fund their races. In 2014, the Chicago Tribune identified more than 400 current and retired state and local government employees with campaign links. Madison’s daughter Lisa served as Illinois Attorney General from 2003 to 2019.

Charges of playing for money Was raised against Madikan, but he denied them and no criminal charges were filed. In 2013, President of the Chicago Metro Rail Transportation Organization After being evicted, Madikan said he was pressured to offer jobs and promotions to political aspirants.

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In September 2019, FBI agents raided the state Capitol office in the then state of Chennai, where Madikan was an ally. Martin Sandoval. The Senate district of Sandoval surrounded Madigan, and a federal Sapona Madigan tried to establish contact between him and Sandoval.

The former Senate transport committee chairman has pleaded guilty in 2020 to receiving thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a red light camera company. Sandoval agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors’ current corruption investigation as part of his petition deal, but he died in December of Govt-19 issues.

In 2014, court documents revealed in another case that the FBI had placed a recording device on a businessman to record a secret conversation with Madikan.

Prosecutors have indicted another senior Chicago Democrat, City Councilman Ed Burke, for allegedly taking official action for personal gain. He is innocent.

In October 2019, Louis Arroyo, a former Democrat, was made Lieutenant by Madigan. An assembly member was accused of bribing a colleague With an offer of $ 2,500 a month in exchange for the state senator’s support for a law relating to sweepstakes. He pleaded guilty and resigned.

Madikan is known for rejecting the media and rarely speaking in public. But when asked by reporters if he was an investigative target in 2019, Madigan insisted.

“No, I’m not aiming for anything,” he said.

As Madigan’s investigation intensified, he wrote a letter to House colleagues denying any false or personal knowledge of any bribery scheme. He said he did not expect anyone to be hired in return for an act he had done. “Helping people find work is not a crime,” he said.

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