Former Cowboys player, NFL head coach Dan Reeves has died at the age of 77

In 23 seasons as head coach, Reeves ended his career with a 190-165-2 record in the regular season. He led his team to nine post-season berths and was 11-9 in the playoffs.

Reeves, a native of Georgia, died three weeks after his 78th birthday.

He played college ball as a quarterback in South Carolina, but went undefeated before joining Tom Cowboys’ team in 1965. Dallas was 7-7 that season, but was the winner every season of Reeves’ career. He finished his days at the field with 1,990 yards fast and 25 touchdowns in eight seasons – his best display came in 1966 when Hoffack reached a team-high of 757 yards and eight touchdowns.

Reeves was the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator from 1977-1980, and in 1981 he became the head coach of the Broncos when he was 37 years old. Under the Reeves umbrella, the Broncos became the center of AFC power in the 1980s. In his dozen seasons with the club, Reeves has captained Denver to six playoff appearances, five division titles and three Super Bowl runner-up results.

In 1993, Reeves took over as head coach of the Giants and made 11-5 seasons in the first of four campaigns with Big Blue.

His career led the Falcons for seven seasons. Reeves directed the 1998 “Dirty Bird” Falcons, finishing the regular season 14-2 and marching to the owner’s first Super Bowl, losing to Reeves’ old team, the Broncos.

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