Forensic experts have announced that the “aliens” found in Peru are actually dolls made of bones

No aliens have been discovered in South America after all. The doll-like figures, photos of which went viral online last year, are just dolls, according to scientists.

Peruvian customs officials confiscated the controversial artifacts in October, which were addressed to a “Mexican national.” The Associated Press reported.

Mexican journalist Jaime Mosan, a self-described “UFO scientist,” brought similar unidentified fraudulent items. Before the Mexican Congress Last September, they claimed they had been recovered near the ancient Nazca Lines in Peru, and dated back more than 700 years.

The Mexican Congress heard testimony on September 12, 2023, about UFOs and the possibility of alien life. Jaime Masan, a self-described “UFO scientist,” brought two boxes into the chambers of Congress and revealed what he claimed was extraterrestrial life.

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Mosan appeared before the Mexican Congress again in November, where a team of doctors confirmed that the bodies had previously been those of living creatures.

“None of the scientists said [the study results] “I prove that they are aliens, but I go further than that,” Mosan said. According to Reuters.

Experts from Peru's Attorney General's Office analyzed the seized dolls, and forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada presented the results of their findings at a Peruvian Ministry of Culture press conference on Friday.

Flavio Estrada, a forensic archaeologist at the Peru Forensic Institute, speaks as he holds a small body from a specimen in Lima, Peru. January 12, 2024.

Sebastian Castaneda/Reuters

“They're not aliens, they're not inside Earth, they're not new species, they're not hybrids, they're not any of those things that this group of pseudoscientists have been putting forward for six years,” Estrada said. .

The three-fingered puppets, which resemble humans, consist of animal and human bones bonded to the floor and assembled using modern industrial glue, Estrada explained. This is not the first time that Musan has received… The body of another world was exposed He made similar allegations in 2017.

“It's our cultures of the past that made Machu Picchu, and our cultures of the past that made the Nazca Lines, and they didn't need any foreign help to do that. Those who promoted that had an economic interest, or some other kind of interest,” Estrada said. He said. “What we have presented here is science, not pseudoscience.”

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