Florida family gets caught up in electric car problem: A replacement battery costs more than the car itself

family in Florida led In big trouble after buying a used electric car: The replacement battery for their dead car ended up costing more than the purchase of the used car.

Avery Cywinsky is 17, and his parents spent $11,000 on a used Ford Focus Electric, a 2014 that had about 60,000 miles when purchased, according to KVUE.

The teen owned the car for six months before she started giving her problems and the dashboard was flashing with icons.

“It was fine at first,” said Cwinsky. “I loved him so much. He was small, quiet, and sweet. And suddenly it stopped working.”

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2014 Ford Focus Electric (Photo by National Automobile Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images/Getty Images)

I told the news outlet that The car stopped She ran after being taken to a repair shop, and the family eventually discovered the car battery needed replacing.

the problem? An electric car battery costs $14,000, according to the news outlet.

Cywinsky’s grandfather stepped in to help with the car’s problems because her father died in June of colon cancer.

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The Ford Agency Her grandfather, Ray Cywinsky, said, “We were advised that we could replace the battery. It would only cost $14,000.”

However, the family discovered that there were no longer any such batteries available because the Ford model had been discontinued.

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“Then we found out that the batteries weren’t available,” Sywinsky said. “So it didn’t matter. They could cost twice as much and we still couldn’t get it.”

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