First-person dungeon crawler Dungeonborne announced for PC

Developer Mithril Interactive announced Dungeona first-person extraction dungeon crawler game for PC (steam). A release date has not been announced. An open alpha test will be available for a limited time during Steam Next Fest: February 2024 from February 2-12.

Here's an overview of the game via Mithril Interactive:

Dungeon crawling, evolved

in depth, Dungeon It is a dungeon crawler extraction experience where players come together in small groups or play solo to hunt for treasure against the backdrop of a gritty gothic setting overrun by monsters and other adventurers. Sharp tactical intelligence, team composition, and understanding of the terrain will all contribute to success as adventurers are thrust into dangerous situations with nothing but a sword and a dream.

The traditional dungeon crawler experience is further enhanced by features outside of the specific genre, including:

  • “Extraction” mechanic., giving players the option to end their adventure and safely secure their spoils, or venture further to search for more at the expense of losing everything if they perish. This is further enhanced by the addition of a safe zone that shrinks over time, adding a layer of battle royale pressure and affecting decision-making as adventurers attempt to escape with their expeditions.
  • A group of player categories Which are highly specialized, ranging from household fantasy classes like Rogue and Priest that embody traditional genre tropes, to more specialized options like Pyromancer and Cryomancer that rain down destruction and freeze enemies in place, or the Death Knight class built around imprisoning enemies and manipulating creatures. battlefield..
  • Environmental combat, from using high ground, shadows and traps to gain an advantage, to turning into an imitation box and ambushing greedy opponents. Combat is further enhanced by the vial and potion system that allows players to use alchemical mixtures to either heal themselves or deal damage to their enemies.
  • Extensive crafting and strengthening systems It improves the loot that players gain, and deepens and expands the construction industry.
  • In-game auction house It allows players to sell items they obtained in their last adventure, or purchase other players' weapons and armor before venturing out again

A deserted world where treasure awaits

Dungeon The game takes place in a grim medieval world lined with gothic towers and monsters hiding in dark corners. In the abandoned world, players find themselves possessing a spirit of their own, resurrecting the dead to once again raise weapons and protect the treasures and riches the players seek.

Brave adventurers will storm castle walls and raid vaults in elaborate environments built in Unreal Engine 5. To deepen immersion, Dungeonborne will also feature stereoscopic spatial audio, creating subtle, almost deceptive sounds of footsteps, door creaks, and other background sounds. Attentive players will notice these subtle audio cues, and smart minds will use this knowledge to their advantage.

Freezing, burning, butchering and raising

Drawing heavily on RPG inspiration, Dungeon Featuring a range of classes and races to choose from. Human and Zombie will be available in the upcoming open alpha with more additions to come, allowing players to combine different archetypes and experiment with team compositions as they venture inside.

Dungeonborne's player classes expand outside genre conventions as well. Aside from traditional class tropes like rogues, priests, and fighters, additional specialized classes that will be available include:

  • Refrigerateda wizard skilled in ice magic who can conjure blizzards to slow enemies, or encase themselves in a protective ice barrier if danger approaches.
  • Master of the sworda warlord who can rain down mental blades on his opponent, causing massive damage.
  • Pyromancera wizard versed in the art of fiery destruction, is able to cast fiery blasts and burn everything in his surroundings to a crisp.
  • Death knightan undead warrior resurrected through necromancy capable of grabbing enemies with spectral chains and dragging them toward their doom.

Create your own tools of destruction, or accumulate wealth

In addition to class-specific spells and attacks, DungeonIts crafting and trading systems improve dungeon crawler combat by adding additional layers. Once players exit the dungeon, they can begin selling their belongings at the in-game auction house and fill their coffers, restock them for their next adventure, or enhance them altogether. Each piece of loot has its value, whether it can be broken down to craft resources and used on other pieces of equipment or enchanted further.

Steam Next Festival is open alpha

Players are eager for experience Dungeon For themselves are invited to participate in the limited demo of the game that will be part of Steam Next Fest, which will officially launch on February 2 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CET until February 12 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CET. For more information about Open Alpha, see the official Dungeon Steam page.

Watch the trailer for the ad below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

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