Fierce fighting in Luhansk Oblast, Russian conscripts and convicts are thrown into battle

Serhiy Hayday, head of the Military Department of the Luhansk Oblast, reported heavy fighting in the Luhansk Oblast, where the occupiers brought their reserves.

source: press service From the Military Department of Luhansk Oblast

Gaidai quote: “The liberation of every meter of Luhansk Oblast comes at a heavy price – the Russians have put in a lot of reserves, both in the form of personnel and equipment.”

details: According to Hayday, the Russians mostly throw convicts and “new recruits” into the attacks.

Hayday explained that the recruits are not trained in the use of weapons or equipment. “They greatly increase the death toll of the occupiers,” he added.

It is also reported that the regional hospital in the city of Luhansk is completely filled with wounded Russians, who are constantly brought there. They are hospitalized even in obstetrics and gynecology departments.

Another wave of patients is expected on December 7, because on December 6, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled another attack from Belogorivka.

remind: The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine It is unlikely to stop Their counterattack due to the onset of winter.

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