FF7 mod turns Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie into macho mothers

Like taking a pair of pants to the tailor, a good pattern can breathe new life into a game, changing the way it looks or plays for exciting or fun results. Final Fantasy 7 remake It has a few solid mods already, like that Beautiful boy turns Cloud Strife into a sexy boyAnd Another reimagines Sephiroth as Ronald McDonald, why not? Now, our top three girls – Aerith Gainsborough, Tifa Lockhart, and Yuvi Kisaragi – have gotten a different kind of makeover, one that sees them gain enough muscle to cut anyone in half.

As spotted PCGamerThe Nexus Mods repository has three new transformations for the girl group. Created by modder FudgeX02 at the beginning of March, every mod turns into one FF7RLadies lead to a muscle mother. I mean, they're pierced, and they look like bodybuilders or maybe wrestlers on steroids. The best part is that in addition to the amazing character models, FudgeX02 has given them appropriate and fun names. They were talking “Aerith Gainsborough” “Beva” LockhartAnd “Buffy” Kisaragi. They're so good, I'm dying, and it makes me wonder if Mako is actually just a green protein shake.

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Nexus modder FudgeX02's Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo by Aerith Gainsborough, "erith Gainsborough," He stares at Cloud Strife.

picture: Modified by FudgeX02/Nexus

As FudgeX02's descriptions of the modifications indicate, every aspect of these women was incorporated. “Everything is amplified,” he said. “No more Tifa twig.”

In direct messages with Kotaku On Nexus Mods, FudgeX02 said that during its first build Tifa POV 2 years agohe has since created modifications for Resident Evil 4 And Street Fighter 6 To hone his skills. This new Beefa – and the other two modifications of Aerith and Yuffie's mother – only took a few hours. He also gave a little explanation of why we send our leading ladies to the gym.

“I always felt that Tifa was too skinny to be a brawler, which is why I made the first version of 'Beefa' two years ago,” FudgeX02 said. “Of course, my version is too big, but the character really looks like she should be more like Cammy Street Fighter Instead of looking so weak. As for Aerith and Yuffie, it was only because I could.

I asked FudgeX02 to clarify.

“I like women with muscles,” FudgeX02 explained. “For me, muscle is like an extra modifier. Bigger is better in my eyes.”

The Nexus modder FudgeX02 turns Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII Remake into a bodybuilder.

picture: Modified by FudgeX02/Nexus

I suppose it makes sense for Tifa and Yuffie to have a bit more muscle than they currently have in the game. The first is a martial artist, the second is a ninja. Those professions require some strength, don't they? I don't know if anyone was expecting them to look like Dwayne Johnson or John Cena. I mean these women look like they bench pressed at least 200 pounds. This means that if Cloud Strife really weighs 160 pounds, any one of these women can carry him, no problem. Likewise, while we don't know Sephiroth's official weight, I'd fully assume that “Aerith Gainsbro,” “Beefa” Lockhart, and “Buffie” Kisaragi could crush him. No materials required.

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