Fest 2023 and ‘Not-E3’ Summer Games Schedule

E3 has been canceled this year, but that won’t stop game publishers like Sony, Microsoft, and Ubisoft from holding their own digital shows all summer long — or Geoff Keighley’s ever-running Summer Game Fest event from providing a quality alternative to the video game trailer one would have expected from E3 2023.

While Nintendo has yet to announce any sort of Nintendo Direct around the usual E3 timing, and Sony has already held a PlayStation Showcase, there’s a lot more to come. Here’s a quick look at the “not-E3” and Summer Game Fest 2023 schedule through August. Here are more details on when, where, and what the publishers plan to show this summer.

  • Summer Games Festival – 8 June
  • Developers Day – June 8th
  • Devolver Direct – June 8th
  • Nafie Mubasher – 10 June
  • Future Summer Games Show – June 10th
  • Xbox Game Show – June 11th
  • Starfield Direct – June 11th
  • Computer Game Show – June 11th
  • Ubisoft Forward – June 12th
  • Sega’s Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Summit – June 16th
  • Gamescom Opening Night Live – Aug 22

Summer Game Fest 2023

On Thursday, June 8, host Jeff Kelly will present his fourth annual Summer Games Festival. This year SGF promises to reveal the expected game and the first look, including the first gameplay of Mortal Kombat 1 And a new look on Alan Wake 2. Given Keighley’s revealing game history, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Kojima Productions Death Stranding 2 And FromSoftware’s Armored Core 6: Rubicon fires And Elden Ring: The Shadow of Erdtree also appeared. event will It features games from over 40 publishers and developersKelly says.

Summer Game Fest 2023 is broadcast live from Los Angeles at 12pm PDT / 3pm EST / 9pm CEST and can be watched at YoutubeAnd twitchAnd TwitterAnd Tik TokAnd Instagramand Steam.

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Developers Day: Summer Game Festival Edition

Photo: iam8bit/Double Fine Productions

Right after the Summer Game Fest, Double Fine Productions and iam8bit will be presenting the Devs Day livestream. Day of the Devs: SGF Edition promises games from over a dozen indie game developers, including AdHoc Studio, Die Gute Fabrik, Evil Licorice, Geometric Interactive, Heart Machine, iam8bit Presents, Impossible, Land & Sea, Lululu Entertainment, and Moonloop Games, Phantom Coast, Sad Owl Studios, Ship Shop, Studio Psy, and Wishes Unlimited.

Devolver Direct

On June 8, Devolver Digital will hold its Devolver Direct stream, promising to “unveil new gameplay, announcements, and surprises.” It will also see the “return” of Volvy, the hitherto non-existent ’90s-era mascot who, in true and quirky Devolver fashion, will appear in a handful of games. Expect equal amounts of comedy and gaming news from Devolver, as always.

Devolver Direct 2023 will be broadcast live at 3pm PDT / 6pm EST.

direct benefit

Wholesome Direct, the game show that’s cute, cozy, colorful and clever, returns on Saturday, June 10, with a whole host of feel-good rides — more than 70 in all, organizers say.

You can listen to Wholesome Direct on set Youtube And twitch Channels at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EST / 6 PM CEST.

Future Games Show Summer Show

Expect more than 50 multi-platform games in the 70-Minute Future Games Summer Show on Saturday, June 10. The whole thing will be hosted by the voice actors Yuri Lowenthal and Laura Bailey – Spider-Man series Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson – and can be seen on Future Games Show Youtube channel, GamesRadar’s twitch channel, FacebookAnd Twitter.

Xbox Game Gallery

Image: Microsoft

On Sunday, June 11, Microsoft is expected to bring out the big guns for a look at what’s coming after Windows PC and Xbox Series X. Expect “new surprises and first looks” from Xbox Game Studios and its third-party partners. Microsoft says the Xbox Games Showcase will focus on Xbox, PC and Game Pass titles.

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The Xbox 2023 Game Show will begin at 10am PDT / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST, and will stream on Xbox YoutubeAnd twitchAnd Facebook channels.

Starfield Direct

Right after the Xbox Game Showcase, there’s a second stream, Bethesda Softworks’ Starfield Direct. Focus on starfield It promises “new gameplay, developer interviews, and behind-the-scenes inside info” for Windows PC and Xbox Series X.

View computer games

The folks at PC Gamer are back with another PC game show that’s all about – you guessed it – upcoming PC games and updates for released games. More than 50 games will be shown at this year’s fair, incl Baldur’s Gate 3And Frostpunk 2And Dune: Awakeningand a new game from Klei, the studio in the back don’t starve And sign of the ninja.

PC Game Show 2023 will be broadcast on Youtube And twitch Starting at 1pm PDT / 4pm EST / 10pm CEST on June 11th.

Ubisoft FW

Get ready for another trip to Pandora, because Ubisoft’s long-awaited Avatar video game will debut at Ubisoft Forward 2023 on Monday, June 12th. Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier It will be live reveals Assassin’s Creed MirageAnd The Motorfest CrewAnd Assassin’s Creed Nexusand something mysterious, based on the video teaser above.

Ubisoft Forward 2023 goes live on June 12th at 10am PDT / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST.

RGG Summit Summer 2023

Sega’s Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio — the people who make Yakuza, Judgment, and Like a Dragon games — will offer a sneak peek of the following on Thursday, June 15, during RGG Summit Summer 2023. Publisher Sega says what fans of the Like a Dragon series can expect ” updates about upcoming titles and community efforts, [and] developers’ discussions during the live broadcast, which will feature simultaneous English subtitles. Hopefully, fans will get an update Like Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Cleared His Namea spin-off that will bring back former series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

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RGG Summit Summer 2023 will air on Sega’s Western Youtube And twitch channels at 8pm PDT / 11pm EST on June 15th.

Gamescom Night Live 2023 opening

Geoff Keighley will be back in Germany and on every streaming platform for Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 on August 22nd. Like Summer Game Fest, expect world premieres and major game announcements. If you didn’t see it at SGF 2023 in June, leave your fingers crossed for anything previously announced at Gamescom to appear.

Details on the exact times Gamescom ONL 2023 will be broadcasting are coming soon.

What about Nintendo Direct and Sony’s State of Play?

Without E3, Nintendo doesn’t have a major event to tie a Nintendo Direct show. Normally, in the absence of E3, Nintendo would maintain a smaller, third-party focused version of its Nintendo Direct showcases. In 2020 and 2022, Nintendo aired Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcases, providing a big first party reveal for later in the year.

Nintendo doesn’t have much in their publishing schedule then Pikmin 4 in July, and it’s possible the company will update Nintendo Switch owners on what to expect sometime this summer.

For PlayStation, it held a big PlayStation Showcase in May, but with plenty of games left to show – like Naughty Dog’s multiplayer The Last of Us – it’s possible that a new State of Play live stream could come later this summer or Sometime in the fall.

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