Feeding the fire with the robot

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but one of the most carbon-neutral ways to heat a home is by burning wood. Since the carbon in trees came out of the air a geologically long ago, it's actually solar energy with extra steps. With modern stoves and well-processed wood, air pollution is also reduced. The only downside is the need to light the fire frequently; any [Anders] Solve it by building a robot.

[Anders]The system centers around the boiler, which is usually located in a utility area such as a basement and directs its heat into the house through another system, usually hot water. An Arduino Mega controls a system of vintage boat winches and various motors, with a grab lever attached to the end. The arm pinches each log from end to end, allowing it to grip uneven logs one by one. The robot also opens and closes the boiler door again when a record is added, and the system then waits for the correct set of temperature conditions before grabbing another record and adding it. Everything can be monitored remotely with the help of ESP32.

The robot is said to be low-maintenance as well, thanks to its low speed and relatively low need for precision. The low speed also makes the work fairly safe, which was an important consideration because wood still has to be added to a series of channels every now and then to feed the robot, but this is much less than one would have to feed logs into a boiler if you did this Manual chore. It also improves on other automated wood burning systems such as pellet stoves, where you can skip the intermediate step of producing the pellets. It also eliminates the need to heat your home by burning fossil fuels, like this semi-automated wood stove.

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