FBI raids President Biden’s home in Delaware

The Justice Department’s search of Joe Biden’s vacation home adds yet another twist to a series of classified documents that has now spanned nearly a month and involved a special counsel overseeing the investigation. The FBI action could reveal how forthcoming and thorough the Biden team examined documents stored on Mr. Biden’s personal property. Until this latest government search, Biden lawyers have been conducting their own review of the president’s private residences without government investigators looking over their shoulders. While classified materials were found at the president’s Wilmington residence, no such documents were found at the president’s beach residence, they said. If the FBI found such information, it would add fuel to claims by Mr Biden’s critics that there is more to the story than the president’s team is letting on. The government has subjected Mr Biden to less scrutiny and suspicion than Donald Trump, whose Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by the FBI last August. When Mr. Biden’s lawyers first revealed that they had found classified materials in his home and private office, the former president, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other conservatives openly wondered why government investigators had not also targeted the current president. , Mr. Biden’s defenders point out that several Biden properties were searched, but there is no indication that the FBI searched Mr. Trump’s New Jersey and New York homes.

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