Fans think they've discovered the full name of MachineGames' Indiana Jones game

It's an exciting start to the year for Indiana Jones fans, as according to Xbox itself, we're finally getting an actual look at MachineGames' upcoming Indiana Jones game next week in the Xbox Developer Direct. But a week before that, a savvy fan may have already spotted the game's title before Xbox was ready to reveal it. He. She may be They're just called Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

Twitter/X user @Kurakasis shared his findings on social media today, noting that Lucasfilm appears to have registered a number of domain names that represent variations of this title since yesterday. These include,, And a number of others.

These areas align well with the Lucasfilm brand Introduced in Europe two years ago For “The Great Circle” which seems to be related to video games specifically. It's worth noting that Lucasfilm appears to have circles on its mind on that date in 2022, as the company also registered trademarks that day for The Galactic Circle and Circle of Resistance. on time, A number of fan sites He speculated that these trademarks were for something Star Wars-related, given the words “Galactic” and “Resistance.” However, IGN was unable to find any registrations for domain names that reflect these naming systems, suggesting that Lucasfilm believes it may need to sit down on The Great Circle naming specifically very soon. Unless there are more Star Wars movies in the next week or two, Indiana Jones would be the logical place for this need to arise.

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Not for nothing either, Bethesda published a Teasing GIF Earlier today which contained a circle. Whether or not this is the Great Circle remains to be seen – it wouldn't be the first time one of the most common basic shapes has featured prominently in Indiana Jones stories, though the timing is certainly interesting.

However, even with all this evidence, it's entirely possible that this branding is completely unrelated to the game that will be showcased in next week's Developer Direct. Brands and domain names can often be good indicators of what's to come, but not everything companies click on ends up being a full-fledged game. We'll just have to wait for next week's reveal to see, though IGN has reached out to Xbox to confirm or deny this, just in case.

Indiana Jones and…well, whatever, was first revealed in January 2021 via a tweet from Bethesda. The game features an original story, and is produced by Todd Howard in collaboration with Lucasfilm. At the time, we noticed that Vatican City looked special, as the publicity included a plane ticket to Rome dated October 1937, and a map with the Sistine Chapel on it. We haven't seen anything else about the game since then, but we do know that it will have a “unique” mix of different genres, and although it was originally designed for a PS5 release, it will eventually be an Xbox console exclusive. Thanks to Xbox's acquisition of Zenimax.

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Expect more in next week's Developer Direct on January 18, 2023 at 12:00 PM PT.

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