Fallout continues on Nielsen Reign, and Bridgerton appears in the originals list

He falls It was still blowing all of its streaming competition out of the water in its third week of release.

From April 22-28, the video game adaptation logged 1.5 billion viewing minutes across all eight episodes, according to Nielsen’s streaming report. Although that was down by 1 billion minutes from the previous week, it was comfortably higher than everything else that aired that week.

It is now the only Prime Video series to ever hold the No. 1 spot on Nielsen’s streaming chart three times, consecutively or otherwise. Not even a huge hit The arrival I managed it.

Second and third place went to shock, bluish And Gray’s Anatomy. Both reached over 1 billion viewing minutes again.

Meanwhile, stir for Reindeer baby It was still growing as the Netflix series saw a 36% increase in viewership to fifth place overall (up from ninth place the previous week) with 915 million minutes watched.

Shogun The series reached an all-time high with the release of the finale, reaching 608 million viewing minutes – a 45% increase on the previous week. That was good enough for fourth place among streaming originals.

Although there are no new episodes available yet, it seems that the audience has been eager for another season of the series Bridgertonbecause the first two seasons returned to appear on the original list in ninth place with 264 million minutes watched.

Another title worth mentioning is Netflix Dead Boy Detectives, which achieved 633 million minutes watched in the first few days on the platform. This placed it in third place on the list of originals, although the series failed to make much noise on Netflix itself.

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