F-Zero 99 update 1.1.0 is now live, adds Classic Racing mode and more

to update [Wed 29th Nov, 2023 01:45 GMT]: Nintendo’s latest patch for F-Zero 99 is now officially available on Switch. The full patch notes have been shared on the official support page.

This update (Version 1.1.0) adds a new “Classic Race” mode, lucky rankings, and new backgrounds, and Nintendo has also made several other tweaks, changes, and fixes. You can see full details and the original article below for more information:

Nintendo: “Additional content for F-ZERO 99 is now available to #NintendoSwitchOnline members! New ‘CLASSIC’ mode, a 20-pilot race with rules inspired by the original F-ZERO.”

F-Zero 99 – Ver. 1.1.0 (Released November 28, 2023)

New additions

  • New Classic Mode added. These are 20-player races with the same rules as the Super NES version of F-ZERO. Classic races are a variety of special events and will be held periodically.
  • Lucky Ranks game added. Every time you enter a race, your rank and the device you used will be recorded. After entering five races, you can reveal the luck rankings. If your ratings match any of the ratings on the cards — or your device matches the device shown — you can earn in-game rewards.
    • You can access the Lucky Ranks screen by pressing the L Stick on the main menu.
    • You can reveal a Lucky Ranks card once per day.
  • Added backgrounds, decals, and borders that can be used to customize pilot cards. After meeting the specified conditions, you will be able to use it for customization.
    • You can check the specified conditions and make customization by selecting WORKSHOP in the main menu, then selecting PILOT CARDS.
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Modifications and other changes

  • Made it easier to return to the main menu after crashing or falling out of the rankings during MINI PRIX or GRAND PRIX races. (In version 1.0.2 and earlier there were cases where, depending on the timing, it was not possible to leave the race for a short time).
  • The difficulty of the initial startup training has been adjusted to make it easier. A training skip feature has also been added, making it possible to enter online races with other players instantly.
    • After the first training race is over, you can skip all remaining workouts by pressing the Y button in the main menu. In addition, from the second race (F-ZERO 25) onwards, you will be offered an option to move on to the next race if you drop out of the race or fall out of the classification.
    • You cannot return to training once you have skipped it.
  • In F-ZERO 99, players who are just starting the game or are not yet familiar with the gameplay will now be matched together.

Other fixes

  • Issues have been fixed to make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

Original article [Tue 28th Nov, 2023 02:45 GMT]: Nintendo has announced that it will release a new update for Battle Royale Racer F-Zero 99 on Switch Online, scheduled for release in… November 29.

Speed ​​Demons can look forward to new modes and jobs as the game progresses Version 1.1.0. The new mode is “Classic Racing” where you will be able to enjoy online battles with the same rules as F-Zero on Super Nintendo.

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The same announcement goes into detail about these rules, explaining how the course will use the “same screen ratio” as the classic version of the game (4:3). The number of players is limited to 20 players, the Spin Attack and Skyway cannot be used, the power meter boost from KOs has been removed and the turbo function has been modified.

In this update, Nintendo is also adding “Luck Cards” that record rankings and machines used in five races. If everything matches at the end of the five races, additional prizes will unlock. Last but not least, Nintendo says it will continue to make “small updates” to F-Zero 99 to improve the overall experience.


When Nintendo releases this update and the full patch notes in English, we’ll be sure to share them here on Nintendo Life. This update follows news in October when Nintendo announced King League and “final new tracks” for F-Zero 99.

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