Explanation of the post-flash credit scene

Could a superhero movie without any plans for a sequel or future have a credits scene?

If we use files the light For example, yes! The movie, starring Ezra Miller as the speedster hero, has one scene at the end.

While the movie ends with Barry saving the world from himself, protecting the multiverse (including an alien character, Christopher Reeve), and returning to his normal timeline, the future of The Flash seems to depend entirely on how much he makes of this movie. Warner Bros. has not announced. Any upcoming Flash projects in the preliminary list of TV and movie projects. That may change, however, as the timelines for highly successful properties can change.

Superhero movie credits scenes tend to act as little commercials for things to come. If there is no project in the pipeline, what additional scene would he do for this hero?

The answer, it seems, is the thrill of what’s left: Aquaman!

In the credits scene, which comes at the end, we find Barry Allen and Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) hanging out. A visibly drunk Barry tells Arthur about his adventures and says that throughout the multiverse, Arthur is always Aquaman. This is strange, Barry explains, because he has encountered Process Wayne and others, but Arthur is always the same. Arthur then gets a little drunk and falls, head on, into a (gross) puddle. Barry asks if Arthur needs anything, to which Arthur replies that he’d like another drink, before taking a little nap in the pond (yes, it’s still gross).

This scene functions more as a teaser with a slight inside joke.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which stars Momoa, and is set to be released on December 20. Bringing the Flash and Aquaman together and establishing their relationship hints at the possibility of Flash appearing in this movie. After all, the two haven’t been legally seen together since 2017 Justice League. Their chemistry was arguably one of the best parts of an average movie.

The other reason why this scene seems so important is that the Warner Bros. For DC Superheroes seems to have now been cancelled. Warner Bros. has appointed Peter Safran and director James Gunn as the new creative heads of the studio’s DC comic book universe, and with this decision, Gal GadotAnd Henry CavillAnd Ben Affleck It looks like they’ve all been broken from their contracts and can no longer reprise their roles as Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Momoa and Miller are the last two major stars left to play Justice League Characters. It’s not clear if either of them has a future at Warner Bros. Pictures. The new superhero universe. Safran and Jan have alluded There may be an Aquaman trilogy, but there’s also a rumor that Momoa is looking forward to playing DC Antihiro named Lobo.

The joke about Arthur being the same character across the multiverse seems like a nice acknowledgment – whatever happens next – of how Momoa resurrected Aquaman.

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