Every premium, free Akuma reward in the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass comes with an unlock requirement

The sleeping demon is set to awaken and impose his wrath upon the world of Street Fighter 6 in just a few weeks, but players can start preparing for his imminent release now.

Capcom just released the Akuma Arrives Fighting Pass for SF6 last night with rewards available that many users may be more interested in than the usual offerings.

As such, we've reviewed and broken down the full list of items that can be obtained in both the free and premium versions of the Fighting Pass.

Those looking to stick with the free route will only find a total of six rewards spread across 20 pass levels, the same number as the previous few times.

This includes a sticker, device wallpaper, photo frame, title, avatar action, and a blue variant of the Demon Topknot hairstyle to use.

Premium Pass holders can immediately get Street Fighter Alpha 2 as the new classic arcade addition followed by the Ultra Street Fighter 2 paths of Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Violent Ken.

At Level 2, players can obtain the ten glowing/sky kanji to place on the back of their avatar as well as Akuma hair, prayer beads, and Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčAkuma wings throughout the rest of the lane.

The fame requirements have remained the same although it is clear that previously obtained requirements do not count towards this card. This can be helped by at least the new weekly and monthly quests available.

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The Akuma Premium Pass costs 250 regular coins ($5), and these can be redeemed in-game by completing all 30 levels before the end date.

Level of success Free rewards Special rewards Kudos required
1 unavailable Street Fighter Alpha 2 0
2 Angry poster Heaven sign 500
3 unavailable Burning sticker 1000
4 unavailable Master Fist title 1500
5 Sky device wallpaper Akuma Ultra SF2 Remix Theme 2000
6 unavailable Demon Topnut 2500
7 unavailable Die a thousand deaths! framework 3000
8 Akuma frame Title: Destroyer of the Heavens 3500
9 unavailable Farewell poster 4000
10 unavailable Devil jacket 4500
11 unavailable Evil Ryu USF2 Remix Theme 5000
12 Title: Stubborn Fist Gokusatsu Jibakujin's Avatar 5500
13 unavailable Not interested poster 6000
14 unavailable Satan's prayer beads 6500
15 unavailable Fighting God Incarnate device wallpaper 7000
16 Action avatar gesture Surprised poster 7500
17 unavailable Ken Violent Theme USF2 Remix 8000
18 unavailable Heaven sign sticker 8500
19 unavailable Devil's wings 9000
20 Topknot alpha demon Nickname: “Skybreaker”. 9500
21 Fighter coin x10 10000
22 Fighter coin x10 10500
23 Fighter coin x10 11000
24 Fighter coin x10 11500
25 Fighter coin x10 12000
26 Fighter coin x10 12500
27 Fighter coin x20 13000
28 Fighter coin x20 13500
29 Fighter coin x50 14000
30 Fighter coin x100 14500

This pass will remain available until the day Akuma actually appears on the scene along with the major balance patch with an expiration date of May 22 at 11:59 PM PT.

When that day comes, Capcom is also planning to add a new giant attack mode to the Battle Hub, which we still don't quite know what that will end up being yet.

While the rest of us still have to wait, Akuma is currently playable in an early preview event in Japan where players are reporting information about the DLC fighter and potential balance changes being noted for the rest of the cast.

It also lets us get a sense of Akuma's vitality and how his rampaging demon works in modern controls as well.

Street Fighter 6 players are in for an interesting month, and it's only just beginning.

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