Ethan Hawke Says His Flirting with Rihanna Was a ‘Disgrace to the Family’ – Rolling Stone

Ethan Hawke is sorry/not sorry he tried to flirt with Rihanna at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. In an interview with diverse The actor, alongside his daughter Maya Hawke, recalled that moment being captured on camera.

“I’ve been caught by the paparazzi flirting with Rihanna in public,” Hook admitted in the interview. Maya replied, “I’m trying.”

before the patch hook. “I try to flirt,” he continued. “This has been such a shame for the family, so you really touch a chord.” But Maya replied, “No, it’s the pride of the family.”

At the time, Hook posted a series of photos to his Instagram page with apologies to his son Levon, who had swapped seats so he could talk to Rihanna. “After Rihanna’s amazing halftime performance, I hope my son finds something in his heart to forgive Dad for taking this moment,” Hook wrote.

and elsewhere in the interview diverse He was asked if Hawke would rather go to a Rihanna concert or a Lady Gaga concert. Maya replied that of course he would choose Rihanna, while Hawke said “both.”

“I went to Lady Gaga’s concert, not RiRi’s concert,” Hawke told his daughter. “I took you to Lady Gaga.” Maya quickly reminded him that this wasn’t true. “Oh no, we went to see Madonna, us too [were] “He’s sitting next to Lady Gaga,” Hawke corrected himself.


“We had a great year going to Madonna and Taylor [Swift]”Adele, it’s been a very educational and motivating year for me,” Maya added. Parenting has been very good. Well, we should go see Rihanna then.

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The duo is currently promoting their new film, wildcatwhich Hawke directed and starred Maya as author Flannery O’Connor. Hawkeye will also star leave the world behind youbased on the bestselling novel Roman Alam, in Dec.

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