Ernie Hudson Jumps To Reboot NBC Quantum Leap

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson
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Early this year, we learned that NBC was Proceed with pilot to restart Quantum leap, a TV show you’ve either been quietly obsessed with for 30 years or you may have never seen or heard of it before. Either you love it or you don’t know what it is, these are the two options. Anyway, if you’re in the “Love It” camp, the excitement of the news is somewhat dampened by the fact that original co-star Scott Bakula and original co-star Dean Stockwell didn’t co-star. He died late last year.

But maybe here’s some news that can smooth out these rough bits: Delivery time Says Ernie Hudson joins the new cast Quantum leap As Herbert “Magic” Williams, “a Vietnam veteran and head of the Time Travel Project at Quantum Leap.” Raymond Lee stars on the show as Dr. Ben-Seong, a “world-renowned physicist” working on a time travel project who “was stuck in the late 1980s with amnesia after using technology.” Hudson’s character will be the man who hangs out again in the present day, keeping overzealous government inspectors at bay while Dr. Benn travels through time.

This is… a different shot from the original, but it looks like the events of the original series Act Happening in this new, Quantum Leap . project is implemented Reboot 30 years after the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Sam Beckett from Bakula. That means, if this survives beyond the beta phase, there may one day be some justice for Sam Beckett – who, on spoiler alert, ended the original series still lost in time, never to come back.

The new series is coming from Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, and is currently lighting network television charts with its run of time. la pria. Original creator Donald B. Bellisario is involved in some way, although it might just be a product credit.

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