Eloy Jimenez leaves game with hamstring injury

7:07 PMJimenez coach Tony La Russa said he thinks Jimenez’s injury is “significant”. James Fegan athlete and other correspondents. While more testing is in place, the team currently believes Jimenez will not miss the rest of the season, and that absence won’t be as long as IL’s four-month stint after thoracic surgery last year.

4:03 PM: White Sox defensive player Eloy Jimenez I left today’s game with what the team described as hamstring pain. While trying to beat a birdie in the second half, Jimenez made an apparently poor move after hitting first base and having to lie on the grass. A wagon was needed to transport Jimenez from the field.

Given how ominous the situation looked, “just” sore hamstrings seemed to represent a best-case scenario for Jimenez and the team, although the player continues to undergo further testing. It certainly looks like Jimenez will miss at least the next two games for convenience and assessment purposes, and a trip to the injured list seems likely.

Jimenez’s loss could mark another major absence in an already injury-strewn season for the White Sox. While most injuries came from the throwing side, Yuan Moncada (oblique strain) and Yermin Mercedes (Orthopedics) not yet played in 2022, and AJ Bullock Just back from a hamstring injury. Louis Robert And Josh Harrison They’ve also missed out on time lately, leaving Sox particularly short for this weekend’s series against the twins.

Jimenez is no stranger to IL, having played just 55 games in 2021 due to a ruptured left pectoralis tendon which delayed his debut of the season until July 26. Between that layoff and a few other minor injuries, it’s no surprise that Jimenez hit a modest .249/.303/.437 in 231 games last season. While the White Sox could still win AL Central even without Jimenez (and Robert) for large parts of 2021, all of this year’s injuries contributed to Chicago’s 6-7 record in play today.

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