Elon Musk’s best idea to stop spambots is to make you pay for extra Twitter direct messages

Twitter announced on Friday that it will “soon” implement a daily limit on the number of unverified direct messages. via Twitter support account. In other words, to send an unlimited number of direct messages, you will need to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription.

In his tweet, Twitter did not specify what the daily DM limit would be. on Support pageThe company said the changes would be implemented starting Friday.

The link goes to the Twitter Blue sign up page.
Screenshot by Jay Peters/The Verge

But a month later, he said the ongoing acquisition of Twitter was “temporarily on hold” while he waited for details to support Twitter’s account that bots/spam only accounted for less than five percent of its monthly active users; Days later, he confirmed that the deal “cannot go forward” until Twitter proves appreciation. The acquisition eventually took place later in the year.

Twitter rollout last week DM setting which the company said is also intended to help reduce spam — but like this news, it doubles as another way to push Twitter Blue. If you have DMs open, the new Twitter setting moves direct messages from approved users that you don’t follow in Secondary inbox “Message request” instead of your main inbox. But this change, which Twitter switched everyone with an open DM inbox to, also stopped the ability for people who don’t pay for Twitter Blue to message to you at all. You can toggle back to allow message requests from everyone, but you’ll have to know where to look.

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A few weeks ago, Musk also placed “temporary” limits on the rate at which tweets were read, and under these limits, Twitter Blue subscribers could read a lot more tweets than unverified users. It is unclear if these rate limits still apply.

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