Elon Musk told he was ‘100% wrong’ for claiming Twitter is the internet’s biggest click engine ‘by far’

Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday that Twitter was the number one source for referrals to other websites.Idris Latif/Reuters

  • Elon Musk claimed that Twitter was the “biggest click engine on the Internet to date” in a tweet on Saturday.

  • The new owner of the site was widely ridiculed in the responses of users rejecting his claim.

  • Twitter generated 7.7% of referrals in January, with Facebook 74.1%, per Datareportal.

Elon Musk was widely derided after claiming that Twitter was the biggest driver of “clicks” on other websites on the Internet “by far”.

in tweet On Saturday, the new owner of Twitter indicated that the platform is the largest source of referrals to other websites. He was responding to an exchange discussing how little traffic is from Twitter, with author Matt Taiby say 10 minutes on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast is worth a year of tweeting.

Musk replied, “Twitter drives a massive number of clicks to other websites/applications. The biggest click engine on the Internet to date.”

It was then criticized as users pointed out that Facebook was the main traffic generator for other sites.

Tom Coats, Product Developer, chirp: “100% wrong. Embarrassing mistake. I mean even if search engines ignore it, it’s wrong. I can feel your ad managers and partnerships (if there’s anything left) fading out the more you type.”

Coates Take part in a study From Datereportal who suggested that Twitter generated 7.7% of social media referrals in January, a fraction of 74.1% of clicks from Facebook.

In terms of all websites, Twitter ranked ninth in terms of traffic, slightly higher than adult website Pornhub.

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2016 The study was conducted using the data analysis website parse.ly cite it niman lab It found that the average news organization generated only 1.5% of traffic from Twitter, with the top 5% of publishers getting 11% of their clicks from the platform.

Former Twitter employee Claire Diaz Ortiz He said The claim was false, and the company never sold itself to advertisers with clicks because it was well known that they had far fewer sites like Facebook.

Musk is looking for ways to make Twitter profitable after saying last week that the company was You lose $4 million a day. he is About 3,700 Twitter employees have been laid off After acquiring $44 billion to cut costs.

His First Attempt to Generate New Revenue, Launching $8 Verification, It ended in a farce Users wreaked havoc with impersonations of prominent figures such as George Bush and Tony Blair, as well as companies such as Lockheed Martin and Eli Lilly.

Since then it has been reported that musk Promote the idea of ​​putting the entire website behind the paywallAnd indeed Floating the possibility of bankruptcy In his first meeting with Twitter employees.

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