Elden Ring Player beats every boss without getting hit

The seemingly unimaginable happened: the Elden Ring player defeated every boss without suffering a single blow. Achievement achieved by Twitch Streamer and Elden Ring Runner Challenge genomachino.

There are 165 bosses in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, ranging from some of the easier bosses in Limgrave, to more difficult bosses like Malenia. GinoMachino took two months to plan the harmless path, before finally completing the challenge October 25. It’s worth noting that this is a real experience, which means that if GinoMachino got a single scratch from any boss, he had to start the whole game from the beginning.

GinoMachino was in disbelief upon defeating the last boss in the race. Celebrating the win at 8:56 a.m twitch streamsaid he, “I can’t believe we did that… I came in today not at all confident, dude.”

This race has been a long time for GinoMachino. on me March 7, he tweeted, “I’ll complete Elden Ring all bosses without a hit,” and after more than seven months, this finally happened. Since release, GinoMachino has been handling all kinds of Elden Ring challenges. Earlier this month, he became the first person Complete the Elden episode using only the bare fist.

As with most FromSoftware games, players take on Elden Ring in all sorts of crazy and funky ways. From modifying the Fisher-Price console to play the Elden Ring, to using the Fit Adventure’s Ring -Con, there’s no shortage of experiences within the Elden Ring community. And of course, there’s “Let Me Solo Her,” the Elden Ring player who has helped hundreds of players defeat the most powerful boss in the game.

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