EGOT’s potential winner, Lin-Manuel Miranda, had to skip the Oscars

Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin Manuel Miranda
Photo: Nelson Barnard (Getty Images)

Tomorrow night’s Oscars will be the second time – after the 2016 show, showing his “How Far I Go,” From moanaAnd the Best original song beat out no no land“City Of Stars” – That’s what Lin-Manuel Miranda was To get an Oscar. (Specifically, his incanto “Dos Oruguitas” got the same award.) (And yes, if it were us, we would have chosen We’re not talking about Bruno. Or “superficial pressure” instead, but storytelling will work at the Oscars.)

All this means that this is the second time as well Hamilton Creative Miranda will be ready for casual, but very desirable, EGOT, having already earned an E, G, and T in 2014, 2009 and 2008, respectively. (he is win one or More of every award since then too.) Unfortunately, it now appears that Miranda won’t be there to accept the prize (or the flash Secret podcast references in the processSunday night, Announcing today that he will skip the mailVenture because his wife, Vanessa Nadal, has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On the plus side, Miranda has announced that neither he nor his children have been diagnosed with the disease, and that his wife is doing well.. However, be careful: Miranda made it clear that he won’t be attending the big show, wishing love and luck both his incanto And the Tag, put… Boom collaborators.

If he wins, Miranda will become (in absentia) the 17th person to complete the Igot trilogy. Not that it’s a shame to be an expert team winner in the expert team, too; Miranda currently shares the likes of James Earl Jones, Lily Tomlin, Dick Van Dyke, and the South Park men, among others.

The Oscars will start at 7 On the evening of Sunday 27 March. The The Academy announced the new COVID protocols earlier this weekafter a rise in the number of cases in the wake of the BAFTA Awards in the UK.

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