EA FC 24 developers respond as Diogo Jota begins the new post-goal celebration

published: 2023-09-24T18:43:00

Updated: 2023-09-24T18:43:12

Liverpool striker Diogo Jota asked EA FC 24 about his plans to add his new celebration to the game. Following the Reds’ win over West Ham, EA FC responded to X.

Team and player celebrations have become a phenomenon in sports over the years, and football is no exception.

EA FC 24 offers football fans a number of different ways to celebrate after scoring a goal. And if social media is any indication, another indicator may be on the way.

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EA Sports FC’s official X account has responded to Liverpool footballer Diogo Jota after he started a new celebration last weekend.

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EA Sports responds after Jota’s goal celebration

On 24 September, Liverpool striker Diogo Jota scored his second goal of the 2023-24 Premier League season in a huge win over West Ham United.

After the match, the 26-year-old celebrated the win on Channel X (formerly known as Twitter). He also highlighted his new celebration – a triangle symbol made with his own hands, a symbol that resembles the shape of the FC logo – and asked EA Sports FC’s official X account when it would be added to the game.

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In response, EA Sports FC He tweeted an emoji with a pair of eyes staring into a triangle.

It’s no surprise to see Jota mentioned by EA Sports FC, as the Liverpool striker has become a big figure in the FIFA/FC community in recent years thanks to his prowess in the game.

Jota has been undefeated in Football Ultimate Team’s competitive weekend league on a number of occasions, and has gone on record to say how much video games like FIFA/FC have become a “passion” for him over the years.

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