EA appears to be exploring the idea of ​​in-game ads in traditional AAA titles

Image: Electronic Arts

It was for third-party video game giant Electronic Arts Earnings call this week CEO Andrew Wilson was asked about the potential for “dynamic ad insertion across traditional AAA games.”

The idea is supposedly already being explored, but it’s “still early on that front” and the company will be “very deliberate” about implementation, assuming it moves forward with something like this:

“We have internal teams at the company now looking at how we can implement very thoughtful applications within our game experiences.”

Although EA already technically has ads in select titles and live service games (like EA Sports FC 24), these latest comments from the company’s CEO once again focus on “personalization.”Insert a dynamic ad” combined with more “traditional” gaming experiences.

In the same response, Wilson expressed his thoughts on advertising intellectual property “outside of gaming” – a reference to the gaming industry’s recent success on the film and television front.

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