Dwayne Johnson ‘Black Adam’ Eyes $65 Million – $70 Million Opening: Box Office – Deadline

Given the volatile market, studios weren’t really optimistic about putting pre-box office predictions there. Nobody wants to skip skis. However, New Line’s DC movie Dwayne Johnson black Adam It tracks an opening between $65 million and $70 million according to industry sources.

black Adam Opening October 21, it’s our first major support column since Sony Express train During the first weekend of August. That pic crossed $100 million.

The image is too hot to track right now, like a one-eyed giant in the Land of the Blind. Meaning there is nothing else like it now. The film is strong with men over 25, then women under 25, and Latino and Hispanic moviegoers. If PIC crosses $68.1 million in its domestic debut, it becomes Johnson’s best solo opening after 2001 Return of the mummy Who had a veil like a scorpion king.

Originally black Adam It was supposed to run on July 29, but then due to an epidemic backlog of post-production visual effects work, Warners moved Jaume Collet-Serra to the fourth weekend of October. This gave Warner Bros and Johnson a chance to tubthump black Adam At San Diego Comic-Con.

The romantic comedy George Clooney and Julia Roberts from Universal opens October 21, and is aimed squarely at older women. Heaven ticket That pic has already made over $46.4 million overseas.

The biggest ever opening at the domestic box office in October is Warner Bros./DC’s R-Club joker which debuted to $96.2 million in 2019.

Going to the movies begets going to the movies. While the falls used to have adult-oriented addresses, absent from the marquee now is the gigantic tent pole around which all these counterprograms revolve and become a tide that lifts all boats.

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Last October was a huge month with all the movies grossing $623.2 million thanks to the success Poison: Let There Be Carnage, Dune, Kill Halloween And the No time to die.

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