Draymond Green is taking time away from the Warriors, ‘expecting’ to play in the opening match

It looks like the Warriors will be without Draymond Green for at least the next few days.

Speaking to reporters Saturday – three days later Punched his teammate Jordan Paul IN TRAINING – The veteran Warriors striker has announced he’s taking some time away from the team to work on some things, and give Paul and his teammates the space they need.

“I’m going to take a few days, because, quite frankly, if I’m being honest, it’s hard for me to head to Jordan right now,” Green said. “I’m going to take some time and work through my things, and let him and the team work through things separate from me, because there will be time to work through those things with me. I look forward to those times.”

The Warriors had not announced an official punishment for Green, as they hoped to handle the situation internally, prior to a video The brawl was leaked to TMZ On Friday morning.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr stated that Greene’s decision to walk away was agreed together.

“A mutual decision,” Kerr said. “Based on everything that happened and the discussions behind the scenes.”

Will Green miss ‘a few days’ or will his absence extend into the regular season? Green expects to play in the season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers on October 18, but understands that the decision is out of his hands.

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“Yes, I expect to play,” Green said after a long pause. “Now, am I going to play? That’s a completely different story. And that’s something we’ll continue to discover as we go forward and feel what’s right.”

“Do I expect to play? I hope to play. It’s the first real day in terms of matches and things that are important in our mission and iterative objective. So yeah, I hope so, and yes I expect to, but by saying that, it’s not something that’s set. It’s not something Certainly.”

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It is clear that Green and his colleagues need space to process and collect their ideas. It remains to be seen if this space extends into the regular season.

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