Drake complies with Tupac Estate for 'Taylor Made Freestyle'.

Exclusive details


Compliance with Tupac's estate

To clear the Diss path from the Internet

DrakeHe disbelieves with TupacProperty, in compliance with cease and desist demands made after he used Tupac's AI voice on his own track, “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ… Drake's team and representatives from Tupac's estate had productive talks after the estate sent a C&D letter on Wednesday — and it's already led to serious progress.

Drake removed the clip from his Twitter and Instagram accounts, the only places where he posted the clip, and his team is trying to remove it from other sites that redistributed it.

Remember… Tupac's estate sent lawyers letter Drake's blast Using Buck's voice in Kendrick Lamar Diss track.. before setting a 24 hour deadline to remove the song and explaining the information they fed the AI ​​generator.

That last part is very interesting… as Buck's camp appears to be taking steps to better understand the entire AI process – perhaps to thwart inevitable future attempts to mimic his voice.

As for Drake… it appears he's taking all the necessary steps to avoid litigation — and the process is off to a good start.

Artificial Intelligence crisis averted!

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