Dragon's Dogma 2 pre-orders are discounted for a limited time on PC

We've been raving about Dragon's Dogma 2 during its recent previews, and it already looks like a popular RPG experience (especially if this in-depth character creator is anything to go by). There's also some good news for PC gamers; For a limited time while supplies last, Dragon's Dogma 2 pre-orders are down to just 50% $57.39 at Green Man Gaming (or £44.26 in UK on PCAnd £51.99 on console).

This is a huge pre-launch discount on March 22, so there's never been a better time to secure the game, especially since you can avoid that original $70 price right now. Not only that, but GMG is a reliable provider of Steam codes, so you're in good hands with this provider. We will also leave a handy link below for easy access to the discount.

This isn't the only great PC gaming deal we've seen in recent weeks, with Helldivers 2 being the other most notable opponent. It's currently down to just $33.19 USD at Fanatical using code FANTATICAL17 – alternatively, you can get the Super Citizen Edition for $49.90 USD using the same code. Not only that, but all Fanatical purchases over $12 now also include a free Steam game to boot.

We saw a similar deal in February on Green Man Gaming's Helldivers, but it sold out immediately, so it's good to see the game back in stock and available for purchase using a new promo code on Fanatical. Green Man Gaming also had a notable deal for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree recently, which was very popular with fans, although it's now out of stock (we're keeping an eye on it!).

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If you're looking for more information on what's included in Dragon's Dogma 2, check out the full pre-order guide here on IGN. Finally, for more gaming deals, we recommend following along @IGNDeals on Twitter/X, check out our latest Daily Deals column, or even take a look at the best PS5 deals right now.

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