Download Dead Space Demake while you still can

We live in the heyday of video game remakes. Among recent releases such as Metroid Prime RemasteredAnd Dead Space remakeAnd Resident Evil 4 remake To upcoming titles like Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot CampAnd system shockand Bloober Team’s silent hill 2 A remake, it’s rarely been a more lucrative time for publishers and developers to delve into their release catalog, dust off their most established titles, and sell them at full retail price to nostalgia-savvy fans.

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for publisher Electronic Arts and developer Motive Studios to actually get around to announcing it dead space 2 The developer has hinted again in the past, why not give this “original” version of the original a try dead space roll?

Created by Fraser Brumley, an independent game developer based in Melbourne, Australia, Dead Space Demake It is exactly what you would expect from its name: a recreation of the memorable opening moments of the 2008 survival-horror shooter dead spacethough revamped in the style of a horror game from the PlayStation 1 era, complete with a “tank control” control system and original gamepad support.

Like other recent “demakes” of popular contemporary titles such as bloodborneAnd Super Smash Bros.And Disco ElysiumAnd Dead Space Demake is a tribute to two separate generations of game design, juxtaposed together to highlight the appeal of both.

Bromley wrote about a game page. Having played through demake myself, I can confirm this Dead Space Demake It’s every bit as exhilarating, slightly scary, and just as impressive as the original 2008 version of dead space or a remake of the current generation for 2023.

The game is currently available for free download at Itch, which may or may not infuriate Electronic Arts. Move fast, check your angles, and don’t forget – you have to aim for limbs!

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