Dodgers vs Padres – Game Summary – September 28, 2022

San Diego — – Freddy Freeman He helped the Atlanta Braves win the World Championship last year, and on Wednesday night he helped the Los Angeles Dodgers set the franchise season record with their 107th win.

Freeman singled out Mocky Pets With one win in the 10th inning, the Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres 1-0 in the second consecutive overtime game between the contenders.

“That’s a lot of wins, if you really think about it,” Freeman said. “A lot of good things have to happen from a lot of men. Not just 26 men, but 40 to 45 men have to contribute so they can do that.”

“If you think about it, that’s the shot,” Freeman said one night when one of the top contenders for the NL Cy Young award was Julio Urreas. “We’ve had a really great showing all season. They give us a chance. We haven’t played well with the sprinters in the scoring position in the past two days and they put zeros all day until we hit one goal.”

The win for the NL West Dodgers champion preserved Padres’ magic number of four to seal him a place in a full-season playoff for the first time since 2006.

He has also put the Dodgers in position for their ninth straight series win against Padres since June 2021. The series finale will be on Thursday night.

The Dodgers have already snatched the #1 overall seed in the NL playoffs.

“Once October 11th, no one will care how many wins I have in the regular season,” Freeman said. “That’s the big thing. We’re here, we’re in the regular season, and we probably get as many wins as we can. You have to play a good baseball game from start to finish to be able to do something like this and we’ve been doing it.”

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Bates started as a robotic runner at second base and took a pass before scoring Freeman’s strike down the middle on the field to equalize. Stephen Wilson (4-2), his number 192 in his career.

“I was going to have a hit when Mookie was second, trying to get the slider up,” Freeman said. “I usually go into left field, but with the passer going in I was trying to hit it to the right of second base. That was the plan. I didn’t know if it would work. Once the ball got off and I got to third, all I was trying to do was He hit a fly ball into the middle of the field. I hit it in the air and I hit it in the middle of the field. It didn’t go very far but it went far enough.”

Alex Physia (5-0), who grew up in the San Diego area, is the ninth-place finisher to win. Tommy Canley He finished in tenth place in his first tackle. He pushed Kim Ha Seung to finish it gorexson brovar on the third base.

The Padres are close to their first playoff berth in a full season since winning the NL West title for the second year in a row in 2006. They beat St. Louis in a wild card streak in the 2020 season cut short by the pandemic before being swept into the series by World Champion Dodgers.

Orias, who reduced his ERA to a best 2.17 in the NL, threw six goalsless innings while Padres righty Joe Musgrovea first-time All-Star of the season, went five frames without goals.

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Of the Cy Young Award talk, Urias said, “I don’t focus on any of those things. Every time I go up that hill I try to do my best and play. I don’t really worry about the things people say, the awards or anything like that.” I just focus on doing my job and then I also think that’s something that motivates me to do better.”

Urias went six innings, allowing for six hits, hitting five, and walking two.

His next start will be in the penultimate game of the regular season. Manager Dave Roberts said before the match that Jurias could start his first playoff.

Musgrove passed 106 throwing before handing him a goalless draw Tim Hill.

Musgrove picked up the rules in the first and fifth innings and survived the crowd by batting Joey Gallo. He threw 34 shots in the first half for 18 minutes. After hitting Gallo to finish game five on his last pitch of the night, Musgrove raised his right fist and stunned.

Padres missed a major scoring opportunity in sixth, when they had the runners in first and third with one out. Mane Machado He walked with one, stole a second and was called. But he pointed to the bunker to challenge the play even before he got up from the ground, and the call was cancelled. Advance on Brandon DrurySingle but Urias retired Will Myers and Jake Kronworth On popups in the field.

Musgrove allowed four hits, hit eight and walked four.

Urias went six innings, allowing for six hits, hitting five, and walking two.

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coach room

Dodgers: RHP Phil Bickford (2-1, 4.72 ERA in 60 appearances) put 15-day hitters with right shoulder strain and tonic RHP Forget the Monte from IL. …Roberts said Tony Gonsulin, who has a strain on his right forearm, is due to start Monday at Dodger Stadium against Colorado and three runs on the field.

next one

Neither team has named a player to start the final series on Wednesday night.


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