Dodge presents the electric charger concept “Bunchy” – an electric car with an exhaust?

Dodge has released images of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT “Banshee” concept, an all-electric version of the popular American muscle car.

Dodge has been exploiting the possibilities of an all-electric car for some time. We first heard about it last year, when Dodge claimed it was launching “The world’s first battery-powered electric car” in 2024. And later that year, Dodge also Set an end date of 2024 for gas-powered chargers and challengers (A story owned by some sites I mentioned again this week).

Now we see the next car that might get into the “Brotherhood of Muscle”: an electric charger. And boy hi, she sure looks hot.

The Dodge Charger’s electric “Banshee” concept is an all-electric American muscle car – no hybrid, no motor, just a battery.

The Dodge press release is a little light on the details, without much information about the specs. The only real performance spec we have is that the concept will be powered by Dodge’s 800V electric all-wheel drive system, called the Banshee. Dodge wants this Banshee brand to evoke the same level of performance as its other higher-horsepower brands, such as the Hemi, Hellcat and Redeye.

The electric charger concept comes with three main design features:

  • R-Wing: Aims to increase aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the supercharger’s signature massive front end.
  • eRupt: A multi-speed electromechanical transmission intended to provide distinct shift points, rather than smooth gear-to-gear shifts, giving the same “jerky” feel of gearshifting in a gas-powered – and “push-to-to-pass” car To increase energy quickly.
  • Fratzonic Chamber Exhaust: An exhaust system … in an electric car. huh?
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That’s right, the electric Dodge Charger includes an exhaust system. Or at least, Dodge calls it an exhaust system – there’s nothing to exhaust it, just some loudspeakers It seems Like exhaust. “Pratzonic” is a reference to “Fratzog,” the name of an old 3D Dodge logo from the 1960s and 1970s.

Listen here:

A Frazzonic’s exhaust can produce up to 126 decibels of sound, which is equivalent to Dodge Hellcat sound levels – and above the 120 decibel threshold that can cause immediate damage to unprotected ears (sigh).

The interior…looks reasonably normal in relation to the car’s interiors. Having said that, this is the part where concepts change often, so we won’t put a lot of stock in it, but you do have a large center screen now standard, lightweight seats, and a panoramic glass roof, which is a new feature for the Charger.

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis says the electric charger “is there because performance made us do it” — a reference to Dodge’s new marketing slogan. He claims that the Banshee-powered electric Dodge Charger will “run a stern quarter mile,” though it hasn’t specified what speed it will be at the quarter mile.

While we don’t know how many horsepower Dodge is targeting, putting the electric Banshee concept alongside a Hellcat and Redeye in “Brotherhood of Muscle” suggests the number can’t be low. We are sure that if this car goes into production, it will have to be in the hundreds if it is to live up to these names.

But will you make it into production? Dodge hasn’t committed to this yet, because it’s just a concept at the moment. But given Kuniskis’ previous comments on electric—targeting a 2024 release for “the world’s first battery-powered electric muscle car,” we think it’s reasonably likely that the final product will take a shape somewhat similar to this concept, and might hit the road in the next couple of years.

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Take Electric

When we first heard about Dodge’s electric plans, and on such a short schedule, we were a little skeptical. It’s hard to convert one of the most popular gas-burning car models, the Charger, into an electric vehicle in just two years.

But this electric Dodge Charger concept sounds amazing…real. Despite the lack of specifics about the specs, and a few ridiculous indifferences (eardrum-shattering exhaust? Really? Why waste energy damaging drivers’ ears, come on), nothing inside or out looks very unrealistic. It looks great everywhere. We can definitely see this being built.

Me personally the love R-wing design. Dodge says it intended to evoke the wing from the original Dodge Charger Daytona, but that was… a little more. The R-wing is more refined (as if anything about this car is subtle), and serves an aerodynamic purpose, but it feels quite different enough to be an interesting feature that sets it apart from other cars. Plus, it can only happen because less space under the hood is needed to house a giant semi-engine, so it takes advantage of one of the advantages of an electric motor. All around just a great design feature, in my opinion.

However, we’re not sure how to add the shift points and annoying speakers to the performance, but maybe this will work for the audience that the Dodge is targeting. Or maybe these features won’t make it to production. Given that Kuniskis apparently received death threats from Latest adMaybe this audience kind of deserves to take some of their games away if they can’t act.

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But from what we’ve seen here in the Dodge comments, and what we’ve seen with other electric vehicles, they’ll still have plenty of them performance Games to play with, at least.

What do you think of the electric charger? Let us know in the comments.

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