Doctor Who debuts a new theme song, a new TARDIS, and a new trailer as its first holiday special broadcast

Today is a great day for Doctor Who Fans, as the series – currently running in the gap between Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, and Nkoti came 15th by returning to good ol’ David Tennant for a few episodes – launching the first of three specials aimed at filling the gap. Fans are already dissecting and filtering all the comedic moments, callbacks, and run-ins — with bits of shout-outs in “The Star Beast,” which reunites Tennant with his old pal Catherine Tate for the first time since 2010. But the franchise itself has also doled out some teasers New features to celebrate the moment, which coincides with the series’ 60th anniversary overall, include the release of a video showcasing the series’ new theme song and title sequence, and a sneak peek trailer for Tennant and Tate’s next film. Adventure.

New Doctor Who title sequence! | Doctor Who

And while we might, in a less charitable mood, suggest that the new title sequence consists almost entirely of footage of the TARDIS flying through leftover bits of cosmic portals from every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie as a kind of loose homage to the Disney films. A new role in launching the series globally, the new version of the classic song sounds very good/appropriately epic. (The title sequence also politely credits Pat Mill and Dave Gibbons, who in 1980 Doctor Who Comic book adaptation episode.)

Meanwhile, the teaser for the next special, “Wild Blue Yonder,” is very brief, though it does indicate that the next trip on the nostalgia tour will be to Doctor WhoThe “Horror TV for Kids” aspect of “Horror TV for Kids”, right down to some of the sets that look clearly lifted alien. (Or, at least, one of many Doctor Who Rings that broke off alien Over the years, even if the show builders Owns Got a chance to show off late with New TARDIS set.) The special will stream on December 2 on Disney+, with the third installment arriving on December 9. (Jatoa then takes over the task with his team king The first episode, on Christmas Day.)

Next time | Wild Blue There | Doctor Who

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