Do red, white and blue have a happy ending? (rwrb spoilers)

If you are looking for a new romantic comedy to binge on, look no further red, white and royal blue, The stunning Prime Video adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s bestselling novel of the same name!

Red, white and royal blue About Alex Claremont Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez), the first son of the United States, and his rivalry turns to romantic interest in Prince Henry (Nicholas Gallitzin), spur to the British throne.

Their story begins with a dispute that takes a disastrous turn at Henry’s older brother Philip’s royal wedding, leaving them both with cake on their face… literally. This incident quickly became the talk of the tabloids, threatening to strain American/British relations. In an effort to limit the damage, Alex and Henry are forced to go on a press tour in which they must pause to convince the world that they are best friends.

As Alex and Henry reluctantly comply, a sudden turn occurs. Their frosty enmity gradually gives way to an unexpected bond, igniting a relationship neither of them expected.

warning: The spoilers are in red, white and royal blue. If you don’t want to know how the movie ends, this is your last chance to get away before we get into spoilers about the ending!

Do red, white and blue have a happy ending?

Much like the book that inspired the movie, Prime Video Red, white and royal blue Does it really have a happy ending! That’s right, despite all that life making its way in the movie, Alex and Henry end up together at the end of the movie and get their happy ending!

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Throughout the film, Alex and Henry navigate their complex relationship, dealing with personal and political challenges, as well as the scrutiny of the audience. Despite facing obstacles and doubts, their love runs deep and they eventually succeed in overcoming the obstacles standing in their way.

After navigating a political scandal that nearly tore them apart when they were revealed to the public after their personal emails were leaked, the couple prove they really are in it forever and are making it stronger on the other side. In the end, societal expectations, political pressures, and personal doubts lose out as Alex and Henry’s love ultimately triumphs over all obstacles thrown their way through the film.

During the final act of the movie, Alex’s mom wins her re-election campaign thanks to all the work Alex did in their home state of Texas during the election. After winning, Alex takes Henry back to his childhood home in Texas and the pair exchange “we won” messages with each other, a message that serves a double meaning. One that could be explained by Alex’s mom winning the election, but more importantly they win happily ever after now that they’re out and can publicly embrace their love.

It’s an ending that was perfect for the movie, and certainly leaves the door open should Amazon look to make a sequel!

It is red, white and royal blue Streaming now on Prime Video!

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