Die Hard with David Harbor as Santa

Santa Claus is covered in blood.

Don’t mess with Santa.
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Look, if you’re going to steal a family at christmasEJust do it after Santa Claus stops at home. That’s Criminal Logic 101. Because, if you don’t, Santa can arrive when you’re there, and then you’re in for a deep, deep shit, which is a reindeer.

The .’s first trailer violent night Here and no, this is not a parody. It’s a real movie being released in Real cinemas on December 2 It looks like a terrible explosion. David Harbor (Weird things) He plays the real Santa Claus who, while delivering gifts at Christmas, interrupts a burglary in progress. Who is better than Santa himself to save the family from becoming a victim? Here’s the trailer.

Fierce Night – Official Trailer

The idea of ​​stealing people in one place at Christmas, and one person putting themselves on the line to save them, is where I get die hard comparison. But, of course, John McLane has special powers and a penchant for cookies, so This is where the comparison ends. It seems that both Santa and John are able to stir up hell with power, anyway-aSanta does this with explosive bits of charcoal and sharp Christmas ornaments which definitely gives him a leg up on the intruders.

If this movie is half as entertaining as the trailer, it might not just become a huge hit this holiday season, where competition for something more rated and fun is pretty thin, but in the years to come. because tHat Why are you making a Christmas movie, right? So people watch it annually. fingers intertwined violent night Good enough to be that.

violent night Directed by Tommy Werkola (Hansel and Gretel: Witch HuntersAnd the dead snow Franchise), written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller (sonic the hedgehog), It was produced by 87 North, behind the team no oneAnd the John WickAnd the atomic blondAnd the Deadpool 2 and more. Hits theaters on December 2.

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