Did you see a string of lights in the sky over the weekend? – NBC Chicago

Did you see a string of lights in the sky over the long weekend?

You were not alone.

“There was a straight line of lights appearing in the sky,” a viewer wrote to NBC Chicago Saturday from Indiana. “They were moving slowly and suddenly one by one they disappeared. It’s definitely a phenomenon I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Another from Huntley, Illinois, wrote: “Several little lights lined up that move up in the sky and then disappear.”

While some in the Chicago area have reported what they think is an unusual sight in the night sky, it turns out that it may not have been all that unusual.

In fact, if you missed it, you might see it again this week.

The lights appear to be the Starlink satellites, which were launched on Thursday and Sunday.

This isn’t the first time that Starlink satellite sightings have made headlines.

A similar sighting was reported in February in the Chicago area. Others were spotted in April 2022 and April 2020, when skywatchers also reported strings of lights in the sky.

according to Satellite tracking websiteThe sight could be visible in Illinois again this week, with the possibility of seeing it again on Tuesday evening. However, their visibility will depend on a number of conditions, including weather and locations that can change.

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