Diablo Immortal makes more than $1 million a day in microtransactions

Use the coins to buy orbs.

despite of Backlash from some playersAnd the Immortal Diablo‘s Micro-transaction free and portable game design Seems to work well for Blizzard’s end results. Use of data from Mobile analytics company AppmagicAnd the MobileGamer.biz It is estimated that the iOS and Android versions of the game brought in $49 million in revenue from just over 10 million mobile downloads in its first 30 days of availability.

those estimates, Based on the general schemes provided by mobile platformsdo not include the PC version of the game, therefore, it may be Sale the scale of its financial success. With the inclusion of PC players, Blizzard announced that Immortal Diablo Achieved 10 million installs in just a weekwell ahead of the mobile download pace that Appmagic has estimated.

in comparison, Diablo III It took nearly six months to sell 10 million copies Then turbulent release in 2012. But this game sold for $60, making it hard to directly compare it to a free game that averaged less than $5 in earnings per download, according to Appmagic.

long tail

While Diablo IIIIts profits were charged up front on initial sales, though Immortal Diablo It appears to be well positioned to generate additional revenue from its existing player base for a long time. As of Monday, for example, the game was still the 34th highest-grossing app on the entire iOS App Store, despite dropping to 134th in terms of new downloads.

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many of these everlasting Players (and payers) will almost certainly drop out of the game eventually. But this process may happen slower than you think. Android App Retention Estimates From the analysis company Quettra Suggest an app that runs in the “Top 10” on the Google Play Store (such as Immortal Diablo did) expects to retain nearly 60 percent of its first users after three months. And the General data from mobile visits Such as Pokemon GoAnd the Angry birdsAnd the Candy Crush Saga It indicates that roughly 10-20 percent of all gamers who downloaded these games were still regulars for a full year or two after launch.

This suggests Immortal Diablo It will feature millions of active players in the next year and beyond. While the vast majority of these players You won’t spend a single cent on the gamehigh-end whales Can easily spend enough on me Confusing coin combinations in the game To keep Blizzard revenue going for a long time.

Blizzard has promised that the next Diablo IV It will limit the micro-transactions of optional cosmetics. But the early performance of Immortal Diablo It helps explain why a free business model is attractive to a publisher like Blizzard, even if it’s annoying to many players.

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